Daily Jackpots at PlayOJO Casino

Welcome to the corner of PlayOJO’s world of fun dedicated to daily jackpots slots. What do we mean by slots with daily jackpots? Hold on to your toque, Canada! These are slots with jackpot prizes guaranteed to pay out every single day.

If you’re a fan of jackpot slots, daily jackpots games are the cherry on top. They’re a favourite among OJOers, with winners crowned daily.

Choose from a myriad of titles, with a wide selection of themes, features, and money back on every spin (with no strings!) thanks to the perk of OJOplus.

Will you be one of today’s lucky daily jackpot winners at the best online casino in Canada?

What are daily jackpots?

They’re online slots that pay out a jackpot daily. The daily jackpot results when it is triggered at random by a player. The jackpot may be a fixed prize or a progressive prize that continues to grow each time players bet on the associated games.

Some daily jackpots are a single slot game. Others are linked to a series of slots from one provider. You can win a daily jackpot by landing a specific winning combo or by triggering the bonus feature that awards the prize. Once won, the game’s jackpot resets and starts building again for the next day’s jackpot time period.

Daily jackpots have time restrictions and must drop once per day by a specified time. This is the main difference between them and traditional jackpot games that have no time constraints associated with their prizes. Every day, one lucky player is guaranteed to win a daily jackpot game’s must-drop prize.

Yup, you read that right! Daily Jackpots = Guaranteed Winners Every. Single. Day. It’s no surprise why Canadians love these slots and why they’re among our most popular games.

Types of Daily Jackpots

Most daily jackpots games at PlayOJO offer progressive prizes. That said, daily must drop jackpots come in three main varieties:


Progressive daily jackpots grow over time. Every time you play, a small percentage of your bet is added to the prize pot. This pot grows and grows until it’s won.


Fixed daily jackpots are those with prizes that do not increase. No matter how many people play or the size of their bets, this won’t affect the daily jackpot’s cash prize pool in any way.


Local daily jackpots are specific to individual casinos. Total jackpot payouts are based on the wagers players make on one or more of these games within that casino.

How to win a must-drop jackpot

Create an account with PlayOJO, make your first deposit and get our welcome offer with no wagering (terms apply), to get the ball rolling.

Next, choose a game from our ‘Daily Jackpots’ category. Each game features a daily jackpot that must drop by a specific time, and a traditional progressive Mega Jackpot. Combined, these jackpots give you the chance to win thousands in added prizes.

Play daily jackpots slots to qualify for the must drop prize. If you land 3 jackpot symbols on a payline, you’re sent to the Jackpot Wheel. There, you’ll discover which must-drop jackpot is yours.

The closer it gets to the time that the jackpot must drop, the greater your chances of randomly triggering it.

Friendly OJO reminder: Like all jackpots slots you can play with us, daily jackpots winners are determined randomly. In other words, while one lucky player is guaranteed to win daily, there is no guaranteed way to win. Please play responsibly.

Daily Jackpots FAQ

Daily Jackpot games pay out a jackpot prize every day by a specific time. They are programed to award the jackpot within a specified time. Once the prize is won, the jackpot is reset, and a new period is set by when it must payout the next day. Those who play the games qualify for the must-drop jackpot prize, which is triggered at random.

Also called daily must drop jackpots, they are online slots that are guaranteed to pay out a jackpot win before the end of every day. In other words, a jackpot prize must be awarded (drop/fall) daily to one lucky winner.

Simply put, daily jackpots are slots with jackpot prizes (progressive or fixed) that are awarded at random every day. Traditional progressive jackpots are not time sensitive. They continue to grow until they are won, no matter how long this might take.

Yes. You can win daily jackpots multiple times. It is even possible to win multiple times a day, but not on the same game. For instance, if you win the daily jackpot in one game, you won’t have the chance to win that same game’s daily jackpot again until the next day. To qualify for another chance to win again within the same time period, you’ll need to play a different game where the daily jackpot has not yet been claimed.

We’ve got an array of fun games in our daily jackpots library, including player favourites like

To see our complete collection, head to our ‘Daily Jackpots’ section, and let the fun begin!