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Christmas is just around the corner and we bet you’re just as excited as we are! The festive lights, the Christmas parties, the dozens of mince pies that have already made their way into our hungry tummies… it’s fair to say that the build-up to Christmas is just as fun as the holiday itself! To add to the fun and excitement and to help you bag some early prezzies for yourself, we’re hosting OJO’s Christmas Countdown, where we’re giving away 5,000 CASH PRIZES, with a total value of £230,000!

OJO’s Christmas Countdown

So how do you get your hands on these festive cash prizes? It’s pretty easy actually. Every day (starting today) OJO will send you a Christmas Countdown Kicker which you’ll find, surprisingly enough in your Kickers! Inside each of these Kickers will be a small mission where you’ll need to place a minimum bet of £10 on any of the 3  games of that day (every day the games will change). Any spin can trigger an Instant Cash reward! With so many prizes up for grabs, we won’t let you stop at one prize, you can keep going to see how many more you can bag! But that’s not all….


Whilst you’re busy spinning away and hopefully winning lots of prizes, you’ll be excited to know that you can DOUBLE YOUR WIN at any time if OJO’s PRIZE DROP DOUBLE CHANCE comes into play! Yes my tinsel-tied amigos, this very handy feature can come into play at any time and will give you the option to double your chances on your prize or walk away with the original prize amount. That’s for you to decide!

How to take part:

Taking part is easy and the £230,000 will be split over 8 days leading up to Christmas. Just remember to visit OJO every day until then – as if you could forget! We’ve broken it down:

  • Login and find your Christmas Countdown Kicker of the day in your Kickers section.
  • Place a minimum of £10 on any of the given 3 games of the day
  • Sit tight for an Instant Cash Reward!
  • If OJO’s PRIZE DROP DOUBLE CHANCE comes into play, go with your gut!

The countdown to Christmas starts NOW!

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