Paysafecard is a leader in electronic payments

OJO always keeps things safe, that’s why he offers the Paysafecard casino payment option. You can forget about long and BOORRRRRIINNGG waiting times because Paysafecard works in a flash. You can fund your PlayOJO account with a single click and keep your expenses in check.

Paysafecard was celebrated *blows party horn* as the project of the month in the EU. If it’s good enough for the European Union, then its’s a great choice for OJO payments. Want a Paysafecard? No problemo! You can pick up a pre-paid card at thousands of retail sales outlets, quickly and anonymously.

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*Some payment methods may carry deposit fees, login and check the Cashier section for more info.

Discover the slick Paysafecard user interface

OJO puts his money where his big smiling mouth is and so should you. OJO’s confident that the very moment you lay eyes upon Paysafecard, you will be swept off your feet. It’s user-friendly, intuitive and compatible with mobile, so what’s not to love?

It’s safe as OJO houses too, Paysafecard uses a personal PIN code to keep deposit and withdrawals secure. You can get your hands on a code at any of the retail sales outlets scattered all over the world. OJO wants you to spend some quality time online, there’s no time to waste with delayed payment methods, at least not today when Paysafecard is on the table.

Make Paysafecard casino payments in a few clicks

No need to sweat amigo, it’s an easy job! Paysafecard casino users only need to grab a prepaid e-voucher after purchasing the card. Remember safe hands, protect your PIN because it’s as just like real cash and you wouldn’t want be lose it, otherwise you’ll be really pinned off!

OJO’s Paysafecard online casino payments are fully anonymous and you won’t need to share much information. If you play from a country that doesn’t regulate casino gaming (OJO doesn’t judge), OJO recommends this choice of payment as will keep you safe on many levels. Once the balance on the PIN hits zero, no problem, just get on your merry and buy another card.

Don’t pay more than you owe

Paysafecard is a kind of Robin Hood of modern payments. It cares for the little guy and the best proof is that the costs of using the service are low. There are no fees on deposits or withdrawals and maintenance costs are insignificant compared to credit cards and electronic wallets. If you thought that things couldn’t possibly get better than this, customers pay nothing during the first 12 months after the issuing of the PIN code.

In Paysafecard we trust

OJO’s a real stickler for security and for good reasons. It’s a jungle out there and you don’t want to become the victim of cybercrime and other wrongdoings. Paysafecard will keep you safe, anonymous and OJO happy. They keep personal data private when players make transactions and the 128-bit Secure Socket Layer connection wards off those online villains.

Paysafecard encrypt all information and only care about user satisfaction, much like OJO, so it makes perfect sense to give Paysafecard a whirl.

Availability depends on your country

OJO encourages you to play responsibly.