“The stars are out there, baby!” The glamour of the Hyper Star slot game from Games Global is only the beginning of this upbeat experience, with audio that will have you dancing in your seat as you reach for free spins and 3 in-game jackpots.

Why play the Hyper Stars slot?

Fun Free Spins bonus game

3 in-game jackpots

Increasing multipliers

What we think about the Hyper Star slot

“The modern disco audio and glammed graphics are only the start of how much fun this slot and all its features can be!”

Is Hyper Slot the right slot for you?

“We’re all made of stars, baby!” Hyper Star was created by iGaming content supplier Games Global. Though it looks like a basic classic slot at first glance, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds into play to know that it’s got a lot more than that to offer. It’s no wonder this has risen to become an easy favourite among Games Global’s 1000+ titles.

The moment play begins, the upbeat, disco-style music plays, and you’re joined by the deep voice of your host and his backup singers to cheer you on. I’m normally someone who doesn’t really start having the most fun while playing until I get a free spins bonus game. While that was tons of fun in this game too, I loved the basic play as well. There was so much going on, and I was moving to the beat of the music the entire time.

The high-quality graphics give polish to the glamourous experience, while big gold star symbols appear and gradually fill up the coin pot to bring you closer to spinning the wheel for one of 3 in-game jackpots: Grand, Major, and Minor.

Of course, the free spins bonus game is still my favourite, with increasing multipliers and lots of chances for retriggers.

Hyper Star Slot Screenshot

The Hyper Star game has 243 paylines in a 5-reel game with cascading reels. Betting starts at $0.20 and goes as high as $20.00, with a max win of $250,000.

I started my experience with the free play demo mode to try it out before I started betting. This is usually how I get going with any game, so I can see what it’s all about before I get real money involved. After that, I begin with small bets and work my way up to where I’m comfortable playing.

I liked that while this gives every impression of being a classic slot, with its traditional symbols from playing cards, lucky 7s, betting chips, dollar symbols, gold stars, bells, and so on, play is full of features that keep things moving and exciting. It’s fast moving without being rushed, so I felt like I was enjoying the game and my potential to win at the same time.

It has all the high-quality audio and graphics you expect from Games Global slots, so if you’ve liked their games before, you’ll want to try this one too.

Game features

Increasing Multipliers

In both the basic game play and in the free spins bonus game, the Hyper Star slot machine includes increasing multipliers. When the reels spin, if there is a win, it starts at 1x. That said, once those winning symbols are cleared and replaced, if there is another win, a 2x multiplier kicks in. Once those symbols are cleared and replaced, another win will score a 3x multiplier, and finally, there is a 5x multiplier after that, which will continue until the winning streak runs out.

In the free spins bonus game, that pattern increases to x3, x6, x9, and x15, which definitely makes things a lot more fun and exciting!

Static Jackpots with Big Wheel

There are 3 in-game static jackpots. They are triggered after enough big golden stars accumulate in a pot of gold after they hit from spinning the reels. When the pot of gold gets full, the game launches to play for one of the jackpots, which consist of Grand, Major, and Minor.

Hyper Star Features Screenshot

When the game to play for the jackpots is triggered, a big wheel appears. It has six wedges on which the gold star might land when the wheel spins. There is a red wedge, representing the Grand prize, 2 purple wedges for the Major prize, and three blue wedges for the Minor prize. When the wheel comes to a stop, the wedge highlighted by the gold star determines which prize is won.

Free Spins Bonus Game

Beyond the bonus game with the big wheel for the in-game jackpots, there is also a free spins bonus game. This is triggered when at least three of the free spins scatters land on the reels during a single spin.

Many people who play casino slots online look for games like Hyper Star that have a free spins bonus game. This not only opens up new opportunities to win, but it also keeps the game fun and exciting, as it switches the way the game is played, often with faster-moving graphics and audio. That’s exactly what happens in this game. In fact, it starts building suspense as soon as two of the free spins scatters land and there’s a chance for more. The visuals slow, and the audio mimics a heartbeat as the next reel’s contents are revealed to show whether the free spins bonus game will be triggered.

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My verdict

“Reach for the stars!” Hyper Star is a great choice for players who adore that classic slots experience but also want fun and exciting additional features like jackpots, spinning a big wheel, and free spins bonus games. The graphics and audio in the base mode are exceptional, and the theme is glitzy and glamourous, so the excitement never stops. When the right scatters land and when the increasing multipliers start coming into play, the fun really takes off.

Ready to join your deep-voiced host and backup singers and play the Hyper Star slot at OJO’s online casino? It’s where you’ll discover this favourite title and thousands of other slots as well. Sign up now, and you’ll get to claim our welcome offer when you make your first deposit. As always, there are no win limits (terms apply) and no wagering requirements. “Hyper Star, that’s where it’s at!”


How can I try Hyper Star for free?

It’s possible to play the Hyper star online slot for free using the PlayOJO online demo. Of course, you can still play for real money starting at $0.20, but if you’d like to give it a try for free, that’s an easy option too. The demo version gives you unlimited free play, which means you can take your time to learn the game before real money betting is involved, or you can simply use the option to enjoy the fun of the game without involving betting. All you need to do to access this Hyper Star game version is to sign up, search for the game title, and select the Try for Free option. To play the Hyper Star slot demo version, there is no need to make a deposit.

How do you win a Hyper Star jackpot?

There are three static in-game Hyper Star jackpots. The chance to win one of those jackpots is worked into a bonus game with a big wheel, which is triggered when you’ve filled the coin pot by having enough golden star symbols land when you spin the reels. Once that pot is full, the wheel will appear.

It is divided into six wedges. Among those wedges, there is 1 red one, 2 purple ones, and 3 blue ones. The red wedge represents the Grand jackpot prize. The purple represents the Major jackpot prize. The Blue represents the Minor jackpot prize. When you spin the wheel and it comes to a stop, the wedge that lands under the big golden star determines the jackpot that will be won. The Grand jackpot prize is $10,000, the Major is $200, and the Minor is $30.

Why should I play the Hyper Star slot at PlayOJO?

PlayOJO solidly offers an exceptional experience to players, regardless of whether slots are your game, or if you also like online roulette, blackjack, or any of a spectrum of other popular games. We are the home of no-wagering offers and rewards, and we’re proud of how we keep up our consistent high standard of transparent fairness, without any minimum withdrawal, but with money back on every real money spin.

What is the Hyper Star slot RTP?

The theoretical return to player (RTP) for the version of Games Global Hyper Star that I played was 96.05%. This doesn’t necessarily mean that this will be the RTP for a version you play, though it may indeed be identical. For that reason, if you want to be sure, it’s a good idea to check to ensure that you know what the RTP is for the specific game you’re playing.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to check. All you need to do is look at the game rules for the specific game you plan to play. I always recommend making this a first step, even before you make your first bet. That way, you’re more informed as you get going. That said, if you’re playing the Hyper Star slot game at OJO, you can still know that you’ll get money back on every bet you make, regardless of whether that spin wins or loses.