Ahhh September! The beginning of autumn, which means we can ditch our summer wardrobe and wrap ourselves up in some cosy bingo fun. There’s plenty to look forward to, including the return of The Masked Dancer. Plus, you can win a guaranteed share of £1,000 every single day playing bingo in September. Here’s what’s coming up…

1: September Share-out

Sharing is caring, right? That’s certainly the case in our September Share-out, where every player is guaranteed to pocket a share of the £500 community jackpot every single day.

As well as that, there’s also £500 in daily prize money, including a £250 full house prize. That means there’s a whopping £1,000 to be won each day. Claim your share at 8pm every night this month, with tickets costing just 15p. SHARE THE LOVE! T&Cs apply.

2: Take to the stage

Get on your dancing shoes because The Masked Dancer is back – and so is the official bingo game! It’s time to play detective so get set for some 75-ball bingo action, with pattern games based on all of your favourite characters.

The dancefloor is open daily from 5pm until 11pm. Keep your eyes peeled for our jackpot, which becomes more likely to drop throughout the day. LET’S DANCE! T&Cs apply.

3: Get ready to drop!

They say good things come in threes and that’s certainly true of the Drop Pots Room. There are three jackpots that could drop at any point each day, with the biggest of the lot starting at £700 and it’s guaranteed to be won each day.

And if you’re not one of our jackpot winners, you could still win at bingo in September! Tuck into some 90-ball action throughout the day and play for a guaranteed daily prize pot of over £7,000. LET’S DROP! T&Cs apply.

4: Free & Fab

There are more than £1,000 in prizes waiting to be won in Free & Fab every single week!

Join in the fun every Wednesday from 9am until midnight, with games alternating between free and paid. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for 1TG prizes. FREE BINGO! T&Cs apply.

5: Play for tons of prizes

Every single player is guaranteed to win in Ton Up Bingo – that’s because there’s now a £1,000 community jackpot on offer in every game.

Join us for 10 games of 75-ball bingo worth £100 each from 9:30pm every Tuesday and Friday. Plus, nobody has an advantage, with every player given the same number of tickets. TONS OF FUN! T&Cs apply.

6: It’s Mojo time

Fancy mixing things up? The Mojo Room is the only place where you can enjoy free and penny bingo, as well as 1TG and roll-on games.

Tuck into some variety from 6pm until 10pm every Monday and Thursday. Plus, there’s more than £1,000 to be won in every session. LET’S MOJO! T&Cs apply.

7: Bingo is in session

With Session Bingo, you can enjoy an hour of bingo in September every Sunday – plus you’ll be saving money in the process! Buy a session in advance and get 10 games for £10, rather than the £20 it would cost to play each of the games individually.

There’s £200 in prizes to be won in each session. Play every Sunday from 1-2pm and again from 8-9pm. BUY YOUR SESSION! T&Cs apply.

8: Blast off!

Bingo players – get ready for lift off in Bingo Blast! Hold onto your hats because this is 4x quicker than your usual 90-ball game.

There’s more than £30,000 to be won each month. Get ready to blast every day from 8am until midnight. LET’S BLAST! T&Cs apply.

9: Ready to disco?

Throw on your flares and get ready to boogie in the Disco Room! There’s £4,000 to be won every day, with pattern games and 80-ball bingo on the menu.

Tickets start from just 1p! Get ready to throw some shapes from 3pm until 7pm each day. DISCO TIME! T&Cs apply.

bingo in September

10: Get Reel

Looking for a reel-y good time? Enjoy bingo with a twist in the Reels Room, where you can play for the chance to win slots spins instead of cash. Brace yourselves for an egg-cellent adventure because Chicken Chase is September’s game of the month – just beware of the big bad wolf!

There are thousands of slots to be won every week and tickets cost just 5p. Join in the fun daily from 6pm until 10pm. KEEP IT REEL! T&Cs apply.

bingo in September

11: Rodeo Room

There’s no horsin’ around in the Rodeo Room! Saddle up for some 75-ball action, with a game every five minutes.

There’s more than £60,000 to be won each month playing pattern games – and keep your eyes peeled for jackpot games. BINGO, GO, GO! T&Cs apply.

bingo in September

Have a smashing September!

Phwooooar! Is that enough bingo for you? There’s plenty to choose from and whatever you pick, you’ll get money back every time you play bingo in September. Plus, whatever you win is yours to keep as cash with no wagering. Enjoy!


Harry is a copywriter at PlayOJO, specialising in bingo and with more than six years’ experience in the sports and gaming industries. When he’s not crafting catchy copy he can be found watching football, fussing over his cat or being way too competitive in a pub quiz.

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