The OJO Show: our awesome podcast that provides no-nonsense tips and strategies for playing casino games. If you’ve already been following The OJO Show, you’ll know how it rolls, by providing no-nonsense tips and strategies to help you up your game knowledge, bet smarter, and have more fun.

So far we’ve covered everything you could ever need to know about Blackjack. Now it’s time to introduce our shiny new podcast series, all about Roulette! Check out what’s waiting for you in our very latest podcast episode…

New Podcast Series: The Essential Roulette Podcast

What do you need to play roulette like a pro? Crystal ball aside, it helps to know how the game works, the complete menu of available bets and how to place your bets. 

We kick off our series of roulette podcasts with the ultimate induction course to the world’s most famous casino game.

If you’ve only played a few spins or you’re off to your local casino and want to swot up on your roulette skills so you don’t look like a noob, this podcast will give you the know-how to play roulette online or offline, in any country across the globe.

From basic rules to the underlying maths behind this iconic random numbers game, you’ll learn everything you need to spot the smartest bets, walk the walk and talk the talk. 

What’s in this episode:

  • Basic rules of roulette
  • Wheels, numbers and tables
  • Inside and outside bets
  • Getting chips, betting & cashing out
  • If roulette strategies really work
  • Odds, probabilities and the house edge

Bet smarter with the OJO Show

Hosted by gambler and industry insider Daniel Grant, the OJO Show series begins with the Ultimate Beginner Guide to Blackjack, covering everything you need to know to play a better Blackjack hand. In the first five episodes you’ll receive insider tips and strategic advice on how to get a lower house edge, which mistakes to avoid, and how to choose the best tables.

After you’ve soaked up all that yummy Blackjack advice, come back for more expert tips with OJO Show’s episodes to come, covering Roulette, Slots, all sorts of other casino games, plus loads and loads of tips for smarter online betting.

You can listen to the OJO Show on Spotify, Google Podcast and Apple Podcast.


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