PayPal Casino Payment Method at OJO Casino

You’ll love PayPal, OJO loves PayPal, it’s just SO easy to use! This electronic wallet is so popular around the globe that even people who don’t use PayPal know the name. PayPal is super secure, double quick and downright reliable. OJO doesn’t offer second-rate payment methods, OJO only offers the best and with PayPal you get the OJO best.

The PayPal casino payment option is the go-to choice for players, no surprise there! It’s super easy to use, trustworthy and only takes a couple of clicks. Want to get in on those speedy deposits and withdrawals using PayPal? Smashing! Whether you want to play our brill games or grab your jackpot winnings, PayPal makes casino transfers as sweet as OJO!


*Some payment methods may carry deposit fees, login and check the Cashier section for more info.

**All my payment methods are subject to availability (per country) and may not be available when you are logged in.

How to use PayPal payments

Hold on to your hats! Before the OJO party kicks off, you’ll need to open a PayPal account. You can link your PayPal account directly to your credit or debit card. As a PayPal member, you can have a specific amount of credit linked to it. Regardless of the account you pick, simply mosey on over to the official PayPal website and follow the instructions. It’s a straightforward, fast and painless process, just like using it!

How to make a deposit with PayPal

Ok smarty-pants, first you need sufficient funds in your PayPal account. Then you can pick ‘PayPal’ from the list of banking methods. Then follow the super simple instructions - select the amount you want to deposit, review your transaction and then confirm it. If the transfer is successful, the funds will show up in your account. Yes, using PayPal to deposit is OJO easy!

Withdrawing funds with PayPal

Thought it couldn’t get easier? Get use to easy because OJO loves easy. Withdrawing your funds is a simple as a Sunday morning. Pick PayPal as your withdrawal option, enter your PayPal deats and choose how much you’d like to withdraw. OJO says there’s absolutely no rocket science involved (*claps*).

If PayPal isn’t a withdrawal option for your particular country, stay relaxed amigo, you’re in good hands! We have plenty of other safe and reliable payment methods to get your winnings into your account and ready to spend!

Funds transfer times

Waiting? No, no, no, OJO doesn’t do waiting. Depositing using the PayPal casino payment method is ultra-speedy. Your funds should appear in your account right away. You’ll be well on your way to playing your favorite games quicker than a shake of a dice.

Want that sweet moolah in your account sharpish? No surprise there! While it can take a few business days for the funds to show on your PayPal statement, your OJO casino player account balance is updated instantly.

PayPal assistance

Need a little help? Have a little something you want to get something off your chest? Then give OJO’s crew a call! They will help you with any issues involving payment methods or your casino account. All that’s left is for you to hang out with OJO and have a good ole’ merry time in fun town!

Got a few Qs about your PayPal account? Then you’ll want to get in touch with the good guys at PayPal. You can find all the info on the PayPal’s official website.

PayPal user benefits

Secure like vaults, safe like a... err…a safe! PayPal casino payments make a secure alternative because you’ll never need to enter credit card or bank account info. OJO says this e-wallet makes fund transfers as simple as simple can be. Super OJO simples!

Availability depends on your country

Keep your PlayOJO party fun and safe. Always play responsibly.