Citadel Casino Banking Method

Citadel casino payment methods stay true to their name when it comes to security. This is indeed a fortress that nobody can penetrate and OJO likes to see the bad guys squirm as they try to meddle with your transactions. At the same time, the Citadel will open its doors to all prospective customers who seek a rapid payment method. A bank account it needed to transfer funds, but the good news is that you don't need a credit card. Furthermore, you'll be able to transfer cash with minimal fees.


*Some payment methods may carry deposit fees, login and check the Cashier section for more info.

How Citadel Instant Banking Works

Citadel is an e-check service that acts as a bridge between this rigid ventures and your account at the jolly PlayOJO Casino. Citadel Instant Banking doesn't require you to apply for a credit or debit card. At the same time, you enjoy the convenience of quick transfers from and to your bank account.

How to Load an Account With Citadel Instant Banking

The Citadel Wallet service is accepted by so many casinos and online gaming operators. Use the Instant Banking solution and then select your bank from the list of accepted financial institutions. You'll find this list to be quite comprehensive, so the odds of not finding your bank are slim. Log into your bank account, select the desired amount and your OJO-ready.

Citadel Instant Banking is the preferred solution for casino deposits. You have to wait a few days for a bank to process the payment and your account will be loaded shortly after. Even though you can't use it to cash out your profits, there are alternative financial instruments serving the same purpose. In the future, you might be able to use Citadel to make withdrawals as well.

Waiting Times on Citadel Casino Withdrawal

Ready, steady, GO! And just like that your deposit is complete. Don't frown upon a waiting time of 48 hours for cash outs; use these hours to figure it out what to do with your newfound fortune.

A Team of Experts to Rely On

PlayOJO services are always top of the crop. When you get used to these high standards, it can sometimes be difficult to settle for less. Citadel casino banking don't expect you to make such compromises. Not even when you interact with customer support will you be required to wait. You can of course opt in for email support, but when time is truly of the essence, the 24/7 phone assistance is the best.

Benefits of Using Citadel Instant Banking

Now that we've come this far, let OJO wrap it up for you. Citadel Instant Banking casino payments use ironclad security protocols. It's like transferring funds from one room to the other in Fort Knox, without the military security protocols. Third parties never get close to confidential and sensitive data of financial or personal nature. You'll be able to pursue your gambling habits without anyone knowing.

The facts that you don't have to wait for deposits and that cash goes straight into your bank account are also honorable mentions. OJO doesn't ask you to take his word for it and insists on giving Citadel online casino payment a try.

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