Wacky Panda slot


Journey deep into the vibrant green bamboo forest in the Wacky Panda slot game from Games Global to try to land pandas and fruits in the right combinations to win their associated prizes while enjoying the playful fun at the same time!

Why play the Wacky Panda slot?

Fun panda theme

Cute graphics and audio

Win up to 1,111x

What we think about the Wacky Panda slot

“Absolutely adorable graphics and cute audio to punch up this classic slot’s panda-themed fun!”

Is Wacky Panda the right slot for you?

Wacky Panda was created by Games Global, a leading content supplier in the iGaming industry that boasts 1000+ top titles to appeal to every player. This particular title is an easy favourite for players who enjoy the classic slot experience, and it’s not difficult to understand why. One glance at the background and reels, and you’re instantly faced with cute and silly panda symbols.

I particularly liked the panda relaxing with his sunglasses on, as well as the one that was wearing part of a watermelon as a hat.

The slot itself is very straightforward, with only three reels and a pay table clearly displayed beside the reels screen. Landing combinations of fruits or pandas are the goal to win this game.

Wacky Panda Slot Screenshot

The Wacky Panda game has three simple reels and betting starts at $0.01, with a max bet at $15.00. That said, if you want to find your feet (or, in this game, paws), before you begin betting, there is a free play demo mode that you can use for as long as you want. This lets you get the hang of it or just enjoy the game itself. I played several spins that way before I started betting.

I particularly liked it when I landed a panda symbol combination on the pay table, not only because winning is exciting, but also because the panda graphics animate and celebrate the win. If you’ve liked other Games Global slots, particularly the classic games, you’re likely to enjoy this one too.

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My verdict

Wacky Panda was designed for players who genuinely enjoy that classic slots flavour but with a little something extra. In this case, that something extra is its cuddly panda symbols, cute animations, and playful background music. While it doesn’t have the features and free spins you may experience when you play slot games online with bonus games, it also doesn’t have the complexity. Everything you need to know to get started is right there on the screen, and the way to win is straightforward.

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How can I try Wacky Panda for free?

While this game is offered at OJO’s real money online casino, with bets starting at $0.01, you can also play the Wacky Panda online slot for free using the PlayOJO demo version. This way, you can enjoy as much freeplay as you want while you learn the game and simply have fun playing it.

To do this, all you need to sign up, search for the Wacky Panda title, and choose the “Try for Free” option. No deposit is necessary to play the Wacky Panda slot demo version.

How do you win at Wacky Panda?

Wacky Panda is a basic classic slot game. It has three reels, and the pay table is displayed right next to them, so you can see exactly how much any given spin is worth. Symbols in this game include pandas doing various activities, and different kinds of fruit. Getting three of any of the panda or fruit symbols wins the amount displayed on the pay table. Moreover, even if you land only one or two of the symbols of the panda wearing the watermelon as a hat, there are prizes to be won. Betting starts at $0.01 and has a max of $15.00 per spin.

Why should I play the Wacky Panda slot at PlayOJO?

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Signing up is straightforward, including everything from basic registration to being able to verify your documents, and if you ever have questions, our customer support is here to help.

What is the Wacky Panda slot RTP?

The Wacky Panda theoretical return to player (RTP) for the Games Global Wacky Panda slot is 95.94%. Of course, that was the case for the specific version of the game I was playing when I tried it out. This means that it could be that if you try another version, or the same one at a different time, the RTP might not be the same. Then again, it might also be exactly the same.

To be sure, it’s easy to find out the RTP for the specific game version you’ll be playing. Simply check the game rules. It’s always wise to do this before you start betting on the game, so you’ll be more informed.

Then again, it’s always great to know that when you play the Wacky Panda slot game at OJO, you’ll have the OJOplus benefits on your side. This means that every time you make a real money bet, you’ll get money back, regardless of whether you win or lose!