Blazing Bison Gold Blitz Slot


The Blazing Bison Gold Blitz slot game is what happens when you combine the Wild West with heavy metal. It is a fun and clever fusion between modern graphics and audio and classic gameplay with 3 in-game jackpots.

Why play the Blazing Bison Gold Blitz slot?

Fun Free Spins bonus round

3 in-game jackpots

Win up to 5,000x

What we think about the Blazing Bison Gold Blitz slot

“The graphics, music and sound effects are so much fun in this light-hearted slot with a ton of bonus game potential!”

Is Blazing Bison Gold Blitz the right slot for you?

Global Games Blazing Bison Gold Blitz is a fast paced, Wild West-themed slot that has broken out as highly popular within the classic slot experience category. After only a few moments of play, it’s easy to understand why this is the case. The rich graphics and upbeat metal music enrich the experience as your eye watches for those bison and sheriff star symbols to land.

I particularly liked the bonus experience, which cranks up the size and speed of the graphics and the beat of the music. That, combined with the 3 in-game jackpots – Mega, Major and Minor – made it particularly fun. In spite of an Old Western theme, it meshed seamlessly with the modernized metal guitar music and high-res graphics for building the excitement.

Blazing Bison Gold Blitz Slot Screenshot

The Blazing Bison Gold Blitz game has 6 reels and real money betting starts at $0.20 and goes as high as $50.00. That said, before you start betting with real money, you can try the Blazing Bison Gold Blitz slot demo for free. This is usually my style of play, as I like to get the hang of a game and its unique features before I start placing real money bets.

I had such a great time with the bonus free spins that I appreciated the Bonus Buy feature that let me add the experience to my game on occasion regardless of whether I happened to get enough sheriff star scatters organically.

The Mega jackpot gives the max win, at 5,000x, though there are two other jackpots as well, the Major (500x) and the Minor (50x). If you’ve enjoyed other titles from the Games Global slot games developer, particularly in the more classic experience style, this one is likely for you.

Game features

Multiplier Wilds

Multiplier wilds are a central part of the free spins bonus game of the Blazing Bison Gold Blitz slot machine. This feature activates with the bonus game that is triggered when at least three of the sheriff star scatter symbols appear during one spin. Multipliers can be as high as 5x.

Free Spin Scatters

This game’s free spin scatters are in the form of silver coloured sheriff stars. When they appear in multiples of at least three during any single spin, they trigger the free spins bonus game. Before you start playing that game, you have the choice between a more traditional free spin experience with 5x multiplier wilds, or the Gold Blitz experience that gives you fewer free spins but guarantees at least one lightning bolt collect symbol per spin.

Blazing Bison Gold Blitz Features Screenshot

The free spins bonus play feature is a lot of fun. In fact, it was by far the part of the play I enjoyed the most. It was faster paced than the base experience, with more to see and hear and a chance at bigger winnings.

I tried both the Gold Blitz bonus game and the conventional free spins bonus game and liked them both equally. The Gold Blitz option was more exciting to me overall as it is an entirely different experience in which I knew that each spin would lead to some kind of win, even if I didn’t know the size. On the other hand, the more traditional free spins bonus game had a higher number of free spins and, along with its multiplier wilds, it meant that there was more gameplay to enjoy overall.

I was able to land the free spins bonus game occasionally throughout my regular play, though I did use the Bonus Buy feature as well, just for the fun of it, since I liked the bonus features the most.

Bonus Buy

The Bonus Buy was a feature I appreciated as a part of the Blazing Bison Gold Blitz game because it let me choose precisely when I’d be able to get the bonus free spins, which was my favourite part to play. It does, as the name suggests, require buying in, so I didn’t do it often, but it was a good option to have when the scatters just weren’t hitting on their own.

Some of the best online slots in Canada have in-game jackpots to enjoy, and this is exactly the case with Blazing Bison Gold Blitz online. In fact, it has 3 in-game static jackpots, the Mega (5,000x your bet), Major (500x your bet) and Minor (50x your bet) Blazing Bison Gold Blitz slot jackpot. These are triggered during the bonus Gold Blitz free spins game part of play.

5 Lions Megaways Features Screenshot

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My verdict

Blazing Bison Gold Blitz is the type of game that is perfect for players who enjoy classic slots, modern graphics and sound effects, fast paced bonus games, and Wild West or animal themes. The base mode’s graphics and music are fun but jump up to a whole other level when the metal guitars start playing and images zoom in, particularly in the free spins bonus game. That said, everything does pick up whenever the scatters, wilds, collects, and other special symbols appear.

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How can I try Blazing Bison Gold Blitz for free?

The Blazing Bison Gold Blitz online slot can be played with real money bets starting at $0.20. That said, the Blazing Bison Gold Blitz slot demo at PlayOJO makes it possible to play for free. This freeplay is unlimited, so it means you can continue enjoying the full game experience for as much or as little time as you want, just for the fun of it. To play the free demo, simply sign up and look for this game title. From there, choose the Try for Free option. No deposit is required to play this version.

How do you win with Blazing Bison Gold Blitz cash collect super spins?

There are 2 different Blazing Bison Gold Blitz free spins options available as a part of the bonus game experience. The opportunity to play these free spins is triggered during base play when you get at least three scatters. The more scatters, the more free spins you’ll get during the bonus game. You can also choose the Bonus Buy feature for the same result.

The 2 free spin bonus game options are conventional free spins with multiplier wilds or the Gold Blitz cash collect super spins. There are fewer super spins available in the Gold Blitz option than the conventional free spins option, but the super spins include the cash collect feature as opposed to the multiplier wilds.

The Gold Blitz game comes with up to 7 super spins based on the number of scatters in the spin that triggered the bonus game. Each super spin includes one guaranteed lightning bolt collect symbol per spin, meaning that all the symbols will be collected at least one time per spin, adding to the total winnings. Each additional time a collect symbol hits in a spin, all the symbols are collected again and added to the total winnings.

Why should I play the Blazing Bison Gold Blitz slot at PlayOJO?

The PlayOJO experience is consistently exceptional, regardless of what type of play you prefer, be it slots, roulette, table games, or live casino online games. Our experience is based on consistent transparent fairness, no-wagering offers and rewards, no minimum withdrawal, and money back on every spin made with a real money bet.

What is the Blazing Bison Gold Blitz slot RTP?

The Blazing Bison Gold Blitz RTP (theoretical return to player) is 96.00%, but that increases to 96.25% when using the Bonus Buy feature. This was, at least, the RTP for the version of the game I tried. It is possible that if you play a different version from the one I was playing, the RTP on that game could be the same or it might be different. To find out the RTP of any version of the game you play, check the game rules. I highly recommend taking this step before you start betting, so you understand the nature of the slot you’ll be playing.

Keep in mind that if you play the Blazing Bison Gold Blitz slot game at OJO, you’ll have OJOplus benefits to enjoy, meaning that you’ll always get money back every time you place a bet, no matter whether you win or lose!