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Get your drills and get dressed because you’re going on a heist of a lifetime. Where? That’s need-to-know basis only!

OJO is a huge fan of crime thrillers. Michael Mann happens to be one of his favourite directors and Thief is his top pick. Can you put two and two together from the title of this slot and OJO’s preference?

Well, he’s hinting at the vault opening scene from the movie. It’s no wonder that OJO extremely enjoys the Vault Cracker slot by Red Tiger Gaming.

Vault Cracker Slot

Over the years, Red Tiger has become one of the major players in the iGaming industry. Most of its online slots are unique in their own way. The graphics are a huge selling point for these games as well. Red Tiger has a way of developing “pleasant” visuals for a game.

When you first launch the game, you might find similarities with NFT Megaways home page. Just like that game, you get the jackpot menu, symbol payouts, and payline description on the homepage.

After you hit “Play”, you’ll come across the 5x3 layout of the game. It means the Vault Cracker slot has 5 reels and 3 rows. There are 10 fixed paylines in the game. Having fixed paylines is a blessing for most new Canadian gamblers because the payouts are easier to calculate.

Speaking of the payouts, you first need to set a bet value for your spin. You can do that from the “Stake” button. It ranges between C$0.10 and C$100 in OJO.

According to the developer, this game has 92.14% RTP. It’s comparatively low. But players familiar with the game mechanics of Red Tiger would know that it’s normal.

It’s a high volatility slot which means you won’t be getting payouts very frequently. You’ll have to keep playing with your real money bankroll to generate a substantial winning in the long run.

Vault Cracker slot

Theme & Sound Design

The theme of this game is very much interactive. It’s not only an amazing looking game but also a very optimized one. The visuals are crisp, and they have a certain smoothness to them. The resulting visuals are very easy on the eyes, almost to a soothing level.

There are two main characters in the Vault Cracker slot. The Heist Master and Hold-Up artist. Heist Master is the jolly skinny guy who can only land on the middle reel. He has the ability to trigger the Safe Heist that unlocks prizes instantly.

Another character, the Hold-Up Artist lands reel 5 only. He can crack open all the existing safes on the screen and generate instant payouts.

Every symbol in the game, the backdrop, the buttons are all designed by the gentle stroke of an artist’s brush. The colour palette and the texture of the graphical elements are phenomenal. The transition animations are as smooth as they can get.

As for the sound design, there’s amazing intro music to get your spirits up when you press play for the first time. With every single spin, the sound becomes louder only to die down again. It’s quite an experience.


There are only 9 main symbols in the game. Four of them are high paying ones and the rest of the 5 are royals. Also, there are the two characters, the cash safe symbols, and the diamond multiplier!

The paytable contains the stake multipliers directly so you don’t have to calculate them manually with paylines and bet value in consideration.

The bag of money is the highest paying symbol, no pun intended. It pays 100x of your bet for 5 on a payline. For 4 and 3 on a payline, you get 30x and 15x of your stakes.

The necklace is the second-highest symbol which pays 60x the stake for 5 on a payline. Then, you have the piggy bank that pays 30x, and the revolver that pays 25x. It pretty much takes care of the high paying symbols.

The royals also pay gradually less. A is the highest paying one with a 20x payout. K, Q, J, and 10 follow with 15x, 12x, 8x, and 4x payouts respectively.

Vault Cracker slot features

Bonus Features

Well, what are online slots from Red Tiger if there aren’t bonus features, right? The Vault Cracker slot has some amazing bonus rounds, as you would expect to find in Canada.

First of all, you have the Gamble Wheel which lets you pick a winning amount and gamble for it. If the pointer is in the green zone, you win.

There’s another similar feature in this game known as the “Second Chance Wheel”. It lets you continue the Heist feature if landed on the green. The maximum number of rounds you can play with the second chance wheel active is four.

The diamond multiplier is a big attraction in the Vault Cracker slot. It’s only triggered when you open all the safes. The resulting multiplier can make your winnings 10 times larger.

Finally, you have the progressive jackpot, the time jackpot, the dynamic jackpot allocation, the Mega Jackpot, the Hourly Jackpot, and the daily drop jackpot.


  • Great visuals with amazing sound design
  • Innovative theme with two distinct characters
  • An in-game multiplier up to 10x
  • Symbols pay extremely well
  • Lots of bonus features and jackpot rounds


  • Low 92.15% RTP
  • It’s hard to open all safes

Wrapping Up

If you’re a big crime-thriller fan like OJO, you might enjoy the Vault Cracker slot more than you anticipate. The characters and the symbols are all funny and look stunningly well. You should open an account with OJO right now to get a taste of this game.