NFT Megaways slot is an NFT in Itself


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Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Etereum. If crypto and NFT tickles your fantasies like nothing else, the NFT Megaways slot is just for you.

Very few developers have managed to keep up to date with the trend of the world with their online slots. Interestingly, Red Tiger Gaming is one of them and it has released one of the most uniquely themed slots OJO has seen in a very long time.

He is talking about nothing other than the NFT Megaways slot. What? Did the inclusion of Megaways feature startle you? If you’re thinking about other titles like Buffalo King Megaways or any other titles, you won’t find any resemblance with this one!

Well, let’s get into the game to see what else is waiting for you in Canada.

NFT Megaways Slot

As you already know, the NFT Megaways slot is developed by Red Tiger Gaming. It has been possible because the original owner of the Megaways mechanics, Big Time Gaming has licensed Red Tiger to use it.

As a result, you get an unusual 6-reel slot game with up to 200,704 paylines. Yes, it’s the Megaways we’re talking about. So, there’s no surprise that this game has such an absurd number of paylines.

Moreover, there’s a crypto punks bar, which is essentially a horizontal reel on top of the middle four. There are four punks in the game and they all perform as wild symbols. So, whenever you get a crypto punk on the top bar, you can expect a payout!

You can place bets between C$0.10 and C$20. There are four different jackpot features inside the game so let’s not ruin the maximum winning potential right away.

Among many other features, OJO particularly likes the chain reaction. It’s similar to cascading mechanics where the winning symbols disappear and new symbols drop from above. It’s a great way to maximize your potential of winning.

One drawback of this otherwise amazing video slot is the RTP. It has only 92.05% theoretical RTP. Compared to most other popular games across the world, it’s quite low. Then again, it’s only a side effect of the game for having so many jackpots and other bonus features.

Interestingly, the RTP goes up to 95% only during the gamble wheel feature.

NFT Megaways slot

Theme & Sound Design

Well, the theme of the NFT Megaways slot is something OJO hasn’t seen in a very long time. It’s as retro as it gets. The entire game is based on ancient 8-bit graphics. It means a lot of pixelated objects and crappy resolutions.

However, it’s not a drawback! Because it’s part of the appeal. The NFT Megaways slot may look old but it functions better than most modern games. The graphics are so well put together that OJO often thinks it would be easier for the developers to go with a normal theme.

On the launch page, you’ll notice the four crypto punks floating. One of them even has a cigarette on your mouth! The tagline of the game is, “Get Punks, Get Rich”.

The sound design is just as retro as the visuals. You have a constant beat that goes on in the background. And it's surprisingly upbeat. If you accidentally walk in on OJO, you might catch him vibing to the track.


As it’s a Megaways title, there are lots of symbols in the game. You have the four crypto punks. Then, the top four top cryptos in the market, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

Right after, you have the regular symbols you expect from video slots. In NFT Megaways slots, your options are the diamond, the Shiba-Inu dog, the thug Monalisa, the screaming Twitter bird, and the tesla cybertruck. Lastly, you may get crypto spins symbols which is the only scatter in the game.

To be honest, this is one of the weirdest combinations of symbolic themes, even for OJO!

NFT Megaways slot features

Bonus Features

If NFT Megaways slot is something, it’s a game of bonuses. Let’s take the crypto punks for starters. These are wild symbols that only appear on the horizontal reel. They are capable of collecting low paying winning paylines and increasing the multiplier. Four of them operate in four different ways.

Then, the crypto spins. It’s a feature that triggers when you land 3 scatters on the reels. It starts with 10 spins but can go up to 25 if you land 6 scatters! During the bonus round, every additional scatter landing will give you 5 more spins.

The Gamble Wheel activates after a winning. You can use the funds you just won and gamble on it for a payout. If the pointer lands in the green zone, you win. If not, it’s a bad day.

The crème de la crème of bonuses is the jackpot. You have a progressive jackpot, a time jackpot, a dynamic jackpot allocation, daily drop jackpot, mega jackpot, and hourly jackpot. All of them come with varying degrees of payouts!


  • One of the most unique themes
  • 6 reels to accommodate up to 200,704 paylines
  • Amazing sound design to keep you hooked
  • Gamble wheel feature
  • Multiple jackpots
  • 95% RTP during the gamble wheel feature


  • Low 92.05% RTP during the base game
  • A little hard to understand for new players

Wrapping Up

There is no question about it that the NFT Megaways slot is the most concurrent online slots we have at hand. You can feel the rush of crypto, the buzz of NFT, and the adrenaline of the Megaways slot like nothing else.