Supreme Hot Slot: Be Aware of the Heat


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It’s time to go back in time and claim the rewards that are yours!

Have you ever played the classic slots? If you’re a new-age casino player like a huge majority of the world, chances are you haven’t. Well, to introduce you to a whole new world of entertainment regarding online slots, OJO presents you with the Supreme Hot slot.

Supreme Hot Slot

EGT is quite well-known for its unique titles. Supreme Hot slot is one of those titles where you get the innovations of a video slot inside a classic slot. Before OJO moves forward with his opinion on the game, he thinks it’s important that you understand what a classic slot is.

Essentially, the online slots that resemble the mechanics, visuals, and symbols of old-school mechanical slots are considered classic games. There are a few recurring symbols in these games including the dollar signs, bells, stars, Lucky 7’s, and whatnot!

The 27 paylines in the game means you can generate payouts more frequently. Now, the question of volatility comes into play right here. You may know that high volatility games have less frequent payouts and vice versa.

So, the fact that you get 27 lines to win on a 3-reel slot means you have a low volatility game in your hands. The bet value ranges between 5 diamonds and 100 diamonds. When converted in OJO language, it means the bet value is actually between C$0.15 and C$50,000.

Well, it might not be one of the higher-paying slot games but it’s certainly an enjoyable one. Only 3 reels and 3 rows mean you have a simple game with not many things to keep track of. Supreme Hot slot even has a bonus game, a gamble feature, and an in-game jackpot!

You get other additional features like Autoplay, paytables, and last win monitor. These are mostly standard offerings in Canadian online casinos.

Supreme Hot slot

Theme & Sound Design

Well, there’s nothing new to discuss regarding the theme. It’s what you would otherwise expect from a classic slot. The logo of the game is always burning, something that goes very well with the “Supreme Hot” title. You can even see cherries and a bunch of grapes burning with it.

On the game interface, you have the 3x3 layout in the middle. As there is no theme, there is no backdrop in the game. The symbols appear in quite a large format thanks to the lack of spots on the grid.

On both sides, you’ll see the 27 ways pay written. It’s basically referring to the fact that this game has 27 paylines. On the bottom part of the screen, you have to bet selector, menu options, and the last win monitor.

Lastly, on the top section, you’ll notice four different counters that count the number of diamonds for the four card suits. You don’t need to worry about it too much right now because those come into play when you use the gamble feature.

Wondering what is the gamble feature in the Supreme Hot slot? Stay tuned till we get to the bonus features section.


As you already know, the symbols in the Supreme Hot slot follow the same path as the classic titles. You get your Lucky 7s, Bells, Grapes, Cherries, Stars, Oranges, Dollar Signs, and Bars. These symbols can land in a variety of combinations to carry out a payline. You might have seen the same ones in Double Diamond, another OJO favourite.

For starters, the Lucky 7s are the highest payout symbol in the game. You need the symbol in all 3 of the reels to call it a payline. Once you get it, you get a 300 diamonds payout.

Next up, you have the dollar signs that pay 200 diamonds for 3 on a payline. The bar symbols follow closely with 100 diamonds.

The stars and the bells pay equally. Both of them pay 80 diamonds if you land 3 of them. Lastly, the fruits, we mean the orange, the grape, the cherry, and the tomato all pay 10 diamonds for 3 on a payline.

Supreme Hot slot features

Bonus Features

The bonus rounds in the Supreme Hot slot are quite interesting for a 3-reel game. For example, you have a multiplier round. It’s triggered when you have 9 of the same symbols on all the spots. OJO knows it’s a very unlikely outcome but it’s certainly possible. When it happens, your winnings get doubled instantly! It applies only to the 4 fruit symbols.

The next bonus feature would be Gamble. When you have a payout of 175 diamonds or less, you can press the gamble button pop up on the main game. You have to select the colour of the cards first. If you pick the right colour, your winnings for that spin are doubled.

However, if you pick the wrong colour, the gamble amount will be lost. If you’re not feeling it, you can always skip on this bonus feature.

Lastly, you have the Jackpot Cards. There are four levels to it. Clubs is the Level 1, Diamond is Level 2, Hearts is Level 3, and Spades is Level 4. This feature is randomly triggered after a win. The bonus amount will depend on your guessing skills.


  • A low volatility slot
  • Only 3 reels for easier tracking
  • 27 fixed paylines
  • Multiple bonus features
  • Up to C$50,000 maximum payout


  • Might not appeal to video slot lovers
  • Understanding Jackpot Cards is a little hard

Wrapping Up

If you’ve never played a classic slot before, Supreme Hot slot has brought you the ultimate opportunity to try one. You can always ask OJO for help if you’re in a jam!