From the moment you start playing the Joker’s Jewels slot game from Pragmatic Play, it’s clear that your mission is to collect as many of the symbols as you possibly can, particularly when it comes to the bonus crowns and the jesters themselves. That’s precisely how you get to win in this classically styled game.

Why play the Joker’s Jewels slot?

Jester-themed fun

Wild bonuses

Bonuses pay on any position

What we think about the Joker’s Jewels slot

“A fast-moving, classic experience with the fun and frivolity of jester-themed graphics and audio.”

Is Joker’s Jewels the right slot for you?

Joker’s Jewels was created by iGaming content provider Pragmatic Play for players who are drawn to that classic play experience without a lot of complications getting in the way. The Joker’s Jewels online slot is an easy favorite from among the hundreds of games this supplier has to offer. After all, the moment play begins, the symbols start landing in the form of gems, lutes, jester shoes, bonus crowns, juggling clubs, and the joker herself.

I’m typically partial to the titles that have bonus games and more features than this one had to offer, but I appreciate the fast-moving, smooth nature of the play experience. The graphics are crisp and perfectly on theme. The audio is high-quality and keeps the game moving at a great pace. I didn’t quite feel like I’d been transported back in time to a medieval court for a jester’s performance, but this was the next best thing.

Joker’s Jewels Slot Screenshot

The Joker’s Jewels game has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 5 fixed paylines, which are oriented from left to right. It is fresh and modern in its experience but offers a more retro feel that can be a lot of fun. Betting starts at $0.05 and goes as high as $100.00. This means that it caters to everyone from those who prefer placing very small real money bets to those who are comfortable putting higher amounts down on any given spin.

What I liked most about this game was the wild bonuses and that they pay on any position. This not only made it much easier to read the results of a spin at a single glance, but it also felt like I was seeing action quite frequently. Action is always what keeps a game moving, so this particular feature made playing a lot of fun for me and those who like a similar type of experience to me.

There are quite a few Pragmatic Play slots that offer this type of pace, so if you like other titles from this supplier, then this can make your decision easier regarding what to try next.

Game features

Wild bonuses

The bonus symbol, which lands in the Joker’s Jewels slot machine screen in the form of a crown with the word “BONUS” written on it, can land on the reels during any spin and can pay out no matter its position, even if it doesn’t happen to be adjacent to a matching symbol. In this way, it provides you with winning potential. Because of this particular style, it remains exciting to play. For players seeking a more complex bonus game experience, this is likely a little more classic than what they are seeking.

Joker’s Jewels Features Screenshot

Throughout my play, I had quite a few of these wild bonuses land, helping to keep the pace of the game moving so that it avoided a more repetitious experience that some truly classic slots have for me. This was a part of my play frequently enough that it helped to make for a truly enjoyable game.

Win multipliers

If you have experience playing popular slots, then you’ll know that Joker’s Jewels is far from the only game to include win multipliers among its features. That said, it’s typically a welcome one, as it was in this case. These were triggered regularly enough during my play that it spun up the excitement well before I could feel like it was going to run out.

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My verdict

Joker’s Jewels is a solid game experience for players looking for simple, direct, classic play. If you’re always on the hunt for titles packed with a long list of features and bonus games-within-games, then this likely won’t be your cup of tea. Still, what this slot lacks in bells and whistles, it easily makes up in attractive high-quality graphics that are perfectly on theme.

The math model for this game is also decent, though it’s important to keep the variance in mind to determine just how much you’ll want to bet. On the whole, this is just the kind of title players of classic slot games will want to give a try. It can easily become a go-to for you if you’re that type of player.

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How can I try Joker’s Jewels for free?

It’s easy to be able to play the Joker’s Jewels online for free, when you simply choose the demo version available at PlayOJO. When you play with real money betting, you’ll be able to bet from $0.05 to $100.00, but when you choose the freeplay version, you’ll be able to play for as long as you want without involving real money at all.

In this mode, the Joker’s Jewels game is available for you to simply enjoy, learn and experience for as long as you want to keep going. All you need to do to access this feature is to sign up and search for the Joker’s Jewels title. Once you’ve found it, click the Try for Free button. That’s it. You can simply start playing. You don’t need to make a deposit to play the Joker’s Jewels slot demo version.

What is the Joker’s Jewels scatter feature?

Joker’s Jewels isn’t heavy in features, focusing instead on the classic experience with wild bonuses and win multipliers to look forward to. These are in the form of a scatter feature that give you the opportunity to win 10x, 50x, and 250x your bet for 3, 4, or 5 of the scatters when they land anywhere on the board during any given single spin.

Certainly, this isn’t the same as a complex bonus minigame built into the larger basic game of the slot, but it means that the excitement can continue to land during any spin. All the fun and features are built right into the basic play, without having to leave the primary experience in order to enjoy it. This helps the game to keep moving and to avoid a repetitive game play.

Why should I play the Joker’s Jewels slot at PlayOJO?

PlayOJO is where you can always count on a consistent exceptional experience, no matter what type of live online casino, slot, roulette, or blackjack experience you’re looking for. After all, no-wagering offers and rewards were born here, and we are exceptionally proud of the solid, transparent fairness we enjoy offering all our players. On top of that, there is no minimum withdrawal, and every real money spin comes with money back.

What is the Joker’s Jewels slot RTP?

The Pragmatic Play Joker’s Jewels RTP (theoretical return to player) is 96.50%. This was the version I played and may be the same as the version you play. Still, it’s always wise to be sure before you play any game for real money. Checking out the RTP for the game to know if it’s the same as what I’ve played or if it is different isn’t difficult.

All you need to do to learn the RTP for the version you play is to check the game rules. It is clearly listed there. When you do this as a habit before placing your first bet, you’ll ensure that you’ve informed yourself about the game you’re about to play.

That said, keep in mind that when you’re playing a game at OJO, you’ll be able to enjoy OJOplus benefits, meaning that no matter whether you win or lose, you’ll be getting money back on every bet you make.