This ‘World Kindness Day’, we’re giving away 1,000 free spins to 100 players. How to get your hands on OJO’s special dose of kindness? Read this blog and you’ll find out…

Facts about Kindness

You can never have too much kindness in your life, and science shows us that doing kind things for others can have positive and potential long-lasting effects for all those involved. Would you believe that being kind can even slow down the ageing process? Cheaper than night cream! Here’s why it’s healthy be kind:


When you do kind things for others, you naturally produce endorphins, which work with your brain as natural painkillers and give you a positive feeling. They’re actually the same chemicals that are released when you’ve done a work-out. Kindness endorphins? No sweat.


Witnessing acts of kindness produces oxytocin, which helps with your overall heart health. Oxytocin is also associated with empathy, trust, and relationship-building, so is sometimes referred to as the “love hormone”.


People who are always doing kind things have about 23% less cortisol (stress hormone) in them which means that they’ll age two times slower that the average Joe. Studies show that 55+ year olds with 2 or more volunteering roles have a 44% lower likelihood of dying early.


Yes, just like the muscles in our body, our “kindness/compassion” muscle gets stronger the more we use it. Saying ‘Good morning’ to your neighbours every day, letting others through the door before you, or picking up rubbish are all great habits that’ll get that kindness muscle in good form.


Just how laughter is catchy, kindness has that same domino effect, and a simple act of kindness could improve the mood of dozens! With improved moods of those that witnessed the kindness, the likelihood of them passing on another kind gesture is all the more likely. You see, a little bit of kindness goes a long way.

We’re being kind with 1,000 free spins!

We wanna spread the kindness far and wide this ‘World Kindness Day’, so we’re giving away 1,000 free spins to 100 players! Just tell us what you love about OJO and if you’re quick enough, it’ll be kindness right back at ya. Here’s how to take part:

  1. Go to our World Kindness Day Facebook Post.
  2. Comment something you love about OJO (plus your username)
  3. The first 100 comments will get 10 free spins!
  4. Keep doing kind things

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Competition running from 10:00 on 13th Nov 2022 – 23:59 on 17th Nov 2022.
  2. The first 100 players to comment on our Facebook page will be rewarded 10 free spins each.
  3. Free Spins rewarded are valued at 20p per spin.
  4. Free Spins are valid to play on Ninja Master slot game.
  5. OJO’s Reward and Game Play Policy


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