If you’re a chocoholic, you may already be imagining everyday things dipped into chocolate – an apple, your “try-to-be-healthy” mid-morning oat cakes… your computer mouse?… admittedly, times can get tempting.

Well you chocolate-loving peeps, you are not alone in your chocolate-craving ways! From veggies to creepy crawlies… there’s no shortage of unusual food choices that are being enjoyed with a chocolate-covered coating. So prepare to either drool or heave as you examine our list of weirdest foods to dip in chocolate…

The weirdest foods you can dip in chocolate

Will our weirdest chocolate-covered food list have you adding items to your shopping list before the end of this post? Or will you be re-sworn to plain chocolate buttons for eternity? You may even be inspired to concoct your own chocolate-covered creation, who knows? Either way, you have our blessing to try these at home:

1. Carrots

It’s certainly an unlikely choice. I mean, I usually like to dip my carrots in humus, but it seems that their sweeter-than-other-veggies taste makes carrots the perfect chocolate-dipping candidate. Certainly a more enticing way to get your five-a-day, I say.

2. Pickles

Some like theirs in a cheese butty, some even like theirs fried, but who knew that the perfect little snack combo resided in chocolate-covered pickles? Apparently, the best way to enjoy this delicacy is on a stick and covered with sprinkles – this one could really take off in the pregnancy-craving community.

3. Scorpions

So it seems that edible insects are quite the growing trend these days. High in protein and with a lovely crispy centre, they make the perfect chocolate-covered delight, whether you’re East or West of the globe. In fact, it’s surprisingly easy to order yourself a chocolate-covered scorpion online, with plenty of variations to choose from. Personally though, I don’t care how much you sugar-coat it – I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!

4. Bacon

Crispy bacon? Goooood. Chocolate? Gooooood. Two of the most guilty pleasures in the food kingdom combined, it was only a matter of time before this devilish pair found each other. Originating in America (where else?), this combo can be topped with the likes of sea salt, crumbled pistachios, walnuts, or almond bits and is said to taste sha-mazing. Oink oink, this little piggy licked the plate clean.

5. Crisps

How often do you find yourselves going from the crisp packet to the chocolate bowl, and back again… and back again? You know how it goes – you’ve enjoyed that delectable chocolaty goodness, and now your taste-buds are craving a salty contrast. Well I say – why take 2 snacks to the sofa, when you can take one that ticks all the boxes? Chocolate-covered crisps – you certainly have our vote. Nom nom.

6. Jalapeno peppers

Some like it hot, and some certainly do not. But if you’re a fan of mind-blowing heat and interesting flavour combos, chocolate-covered jalapeno peppers could be the sweet treat that ticks all your pleasure boxes. However, if you are going to create a chocolaty platter of these at your next social soiree, probably best add a little warning note on a cocktail stick, yeah?

7. Onion

Ok, now this one has stumped me. Chocolate-covered onion? Eye-watering wrongness! Well actually, this strange food combo is a well-known classic in its hometown, Philadelphia dating back to 1983, and even going viral in 2012 after featuring on a bizarre food edition TV show.

Marketed as the food for someone who’s “sweet on the outside but nasty on the inside,” people do seem to actually eat chocolate-covered onions, but probably more for the novelty than anything. Yeah, I’m not going to be trying that one, soz.

8. Ants

They do get around, those tiny ants… and now they’ve even made it to our sweet treats list. Packed full of protein, you may be surprised to learn that ants have quite the citrusy flavour, making them the perfect little chocolate companion.

Don’t start digging up the garden just yet though – only certain types of ants are edible, like the black ants, and leaf-cutting ants. Best buy chocolate-covered ants online if you’re interested, just to be safe.

Which of the chocolate-dipped delights will I be trying at home? That would have to be the chocolate-covered crisps – two of my all-time faves rolled into one!


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