Solo/Switch Casino Banking Method

Even if you're not familiar with this online payment system, it's virtually impossible not to love Solo Switch online casino payments. OJO fell in love with it right from the start and OJO always knows best. So what exactly made him let his guard down? To start with, the flawless track record maintained since 1997, when the Solo Debit Card was released. Fast and secure payments were made ever since and millions of people use these cards to load their online accounts.

Traditional payment methods have nothing on Solo Switch Casino deposit and withdrawal solutions. OJO wants you to jump on the bandwagon fast and play without unnecessary delays. If you appreciate celerity, but don't want to cut down on security either, then this financial instrument will work wonders for you.


*Some payment methods may carry deposit fees, login and check the Cashier section for more info.

**All my payment methods are subject to availability (per country) and may not be available when you are logged in.

How to Make a Deposit with Solo/Switch

You don't need to be a celebrity like OJO to get your Solo/Switch card and use it to make a deposit. Just keep in mind that this is an electronic debit card, so you need to have cash on it. This should be your first and only concern, before picking Solo/Switch Casino deposit method from the list. If you feel like a highroller, but your bankroll says NO, you'll have to rethink your strategy. By not being able to deposit more than the credit available, you don't risk losing money you don't have. Now that's a safety net.

Withdrawing Funds with Solo/Switch

OJO loves successful players and is ready to share the recipe for success. You only need to get lucky once to win a fortune and when this happens, you'll want to cash in your profits. Solo Switch casino clients can use the same financial instrument to deposit and withdraw money. OJO also has you covered in case you are unable to use this payment method in your country and will provide you with great alternatives.

Transfer Money in No Time

OJO doesn't have time to waste on silly things and neither do you. Solo/Switch casino users will be able to cash in their winnings in a matter of days. Your heart might skip a bit when you see money subtracted from your account. Chill out and have a drink if needed, as there is no reason to worry. It takes a few days for transactions to be reflected in the account, but these money transfers are processed instantly. To cash out winnings, you have to wait a few business days, after the casino approves the transaction.

Solo/Switch has Your Back 24/7

Using this electronic card to make purchases or gamble is as easy as saying OJO! If you run into any technical problems, OJO will have your back. Help will arrive shortly and will help you overcome any obstacles, so you can start enjoying your favorite games.

Reasons to Jump up for Solo/Switch

Solo/Switch redefines simple and acts as a one-stop shop for online gamblers. Deposit and cash out your profits using the same payment methods and never worry about overdrafts. OJO knows that those sneaky banks would gladly take a slice of your profits and will have none of it. You can also forget about those pesky credit scores. Solo/Switch cards can be issued to people who struggle with bad credit, so they can fund their online accounts and fuel their online gambling dream.

Availability depends on your country

OJO encourages you to play responsibly.