What happens if you mix the classic board game Monopoly with a Megaways slot machine - You get Monopoly Megaways - a fun game with cascading reels, free spins, and the Reel Adventure mechanic.

Why play Monopoly Megaways?

Reel Adventure feature

Free games multiplier

117,649 Megaways

What we think about the Monopoly Megaways slot?

“I have more fun playing Monopoly Megaways than the board game.”

Is the Monopoly Megaways slot for you?

The Big Time Gaming Monopoly Megaways slot is exactly what the name suggests – the popular board game Monopoly merged with the Megaways online slot mechanic. In traditional Megaways style, this branded video slot has 6 reels and gives you up to 117,649 paylines in just one spin. This is possible as the slot’s 6 reels alternate the number of symbols on each spin, up to 7.

Underneath the 6-reel grid of the Monopoly Megaways online slot is the board game. You’ll see the legendary Mr. Monopoly, the railroads, properties, utilities, and the other classic components of the 1930’s board game. As for the traditional board game pieces, the car, top hat, dog, and battleship, are symbols on the reels.

Monopoly Megaways Slot Screenshot

On every winning spin, the game’s Reel Adventure mechanic comes to life, prompting Mr. Monopoly to move spaces on the board. Where he lands could have a direct effect on gameplay. What’s more, each winning spin triggers Reactions (or cascading reels). The symbols of the winning combo disappear and are replaced by symbols falling from above, potentially leading to consecutive wins. There is also a free spins feature that can be triggered. During free spins it’s possible to win the game’s highest payout, 14,700x the total bet.

At our Canadian online casino you can play the Monopoly Megaways game starting at $0.10 a spin. If you’re more interested in playing like good ol’ Mr. Money Bags, you can spin as high as up to $20 a spin. Being a game with a medium-high volatility, personally, I stayed around the modest $1 - $2 bet range.

Ultimately, there isn’t any middle ground with this online slot. You’ll either love it or you won’t. Basically, if you’re a fan of Monopoly (like I am) and understand how the board game works, chances are you’ll have a lot of fun playing. If you’re not and you don’t care to learn the basics…you’ll likely enjoy playing one of the thousands of other slot games OJO has to offer.

Game features


If you’re familiar with Megaways slots, it should come as no surprise that the Monopoly Megaways game has cascading reels. In this game it’s called “Reactions”. Not familiar with the feature? All you need to know is that each time you land a win, the symbols in that winning combination disappear and the symbols above fall (cascade) into the empty spaces. This can lead to additional winning combos without you having to place another bet. If you’re lucky, this feature can land you multiple wins in a row from a single spin.

Reel Adventure

This is the feature that steals the show in this game. At least it is for me. Every time you land a win, not only does it activate a Reaction, but it also triggers the Reel Adventure mechanic, causing Mr. Monopoly to move around the game board. Though not all board game spaces will impact gameplay, some do. For instance, if Mr. Monopoly lands on…

  • GO - The next spin has the maximum number of Megaways.
  • Utilities and Railways - These will become yours and have a role to play during the free spins bonus game.
  • Community Chest – Mr. Monopoly will zoom to a random property and 1 to 4 houses will be added.
  • Chance - Mr. Monopoly will zoom to a random property where 1 to 4 houses is added. The Chance space may also trigger max Megaways on the next spin or free spins.
  • Property – Landing on any property on consecutive Reactions gives them an extra house.

Monopoly Megaways Features Screenshot

It was always fun when landing on Chance because I never knew what perk would result. When I played, I was lucky to experience all three – houses, free spins, and the max Megaways spin.

Free Spins

The Monopoly Megaways Free Spins bonus feature is activated when you have 5 houses. To achieve this, Mr. Monopoly must land on a property symbol on the third Reaction. Every additional Reaction that results, gifts a house. Once you have 5 houses, 8 free spins are awarded. Additionally, free spins can also be triggered at random by landing on Chance.

While the base level of free spins is 8, you may be awarded more depending on the number or utilities, railways, or properties you own with 5 or more houses.

Monopoly Megaways Features Screenshot

During the free spins round, landing extra houses will get you 3 more free spins. There is no limit to this. As long as you keep landing houses, you’ll continue to get free spins. What’s more, the free spins round comes with multipliers. They start at 1x and increase by 1x for every property owned.

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My verdict

Even though my favourite Monopoly board game piece, the Iron, wasn’t one of the symbols on the reels, I still enjoyed playing this game. I was impressed with its unique layout and its Reel Adventure feature. In my opinion, both components are what set this game apart from a typical Megaways online slot. I think the uniqueness of this game makes it worth a look, even if all you play is the Monopoly Megaways slot demo.

On what space will Mr. Monopoly land? Make your first deposit and grab up the PlayOJO welcome offer for a chance at landing no-wagering wins (terms apply). Fair fun starts here. Ready, set, pass GO!


What is the Monopoly Megaways RTP?

When I checked the RTP for the Monopoly Megaways slot in Canada I played, I discovered it was 96.5%. Why am I wording it like this? The reason is that RTP (Return to Player) can change. As a rule, checking the RTP of the games you play before you play them for real money is a good idea. This ensures you know precisely what applies. Don’t simply go by the RTP percentage listed in a Monopoly Megaways slot review. That said, something you can count on when you play with us is fair gaming and money back on every bet with OJOplus.

Can I play Monopoly Megaways on mobile?

Play Monopoly Megaways slots on your smartphone, tablet or on a desktop or laptop. Whatever your preferred device may be, this game is ready for a spin, 24/7.

Is there a Monopoly Megaways jackpot?

Although this is not a jackpot slot, the maximum win is still pretty sweet. If luck is on your side during the free spins round you can win up to 14,700x your total bet.

What is the Monopoly Megaways slot volatility?

It has medium-high variance. Essentially, while the game has plenty of modifiers and moderate Reaction wins to keep things interesting, triggering the free spins feature does not come easy.