Mastercard Casino Payments - Quick and Easy!

Looking for the perfect payment method for your adventures at PlayOJO? Look no further because we’re here with one of the finest, Mastercard.

When payment methods in Canada are concerned, Mastercard will pop up on the radar one way or another. It’s true for our amigos at PlayOJO as well. It would be a shock to anyone if they hear you don’t know what Mastercard is. Although we think it’s very unlikely.

Mastercard Logo


Mastercard happens to be the 2nd largest electronic payment network in the world, right after Visa. It’s fast, it’s safe, and its logo looks fantastic! OJO is all-in to make you comfortable during your time at this Canadian online casino. And we believe offering an accessible payment method is the best way to do it for our Canadian players.

Getting Started with Mastercard

We know you’re very much excited to jump right into the games PlayOJO offers to you. But we’d like you to hold your horses because you should get a little more acquainted with Mastercard first.

As Mastercard likes to claim, you can experience the world with it. OJO couldn’t agree more. If you already have a credit card in your name, you’d know what we’re talking about.

If you don’t have a 16-digit card in your name yet, there’s nothing to worry about. We’re quite certain the bank you have your account in will be happy to give you one. You can choose between the classic Mastercard, the World Mastercard, and the word elite Mastercard. Being a Mastercard casino itself, OJO accepts all of them!


Depositing at PlayOJO with Mastercard

Depositing at PlayOJO with your Mastercard is as seamless of a process as it can be. Before you get started, you just need to make sure that your credit card has limits on it. Or, if you’re holding a debit card, make sure your bank account has enough funds.

Once you’re certain, you can jump right into your PlayOJO account. The story unfolds like below from here.

  1. Visit the deposit page. You’ll find it right at your fingertips once you have a valid account with us. From the wide range of payment methods OJO offers, you need to select Mastercard.
    Choosing Mastercard at OJO casino
  2. You’ll need to enter the 16 digits engraved on your card. This is your card number and your primary identification for payments.
  3. To further strengthen the security of your deposit, OJO will ask you for the unique 3-digit CVC. Because without it, anyone would be able to use your card number! OJO certainly don’t like surprises because we only love to give surprises.
  4. After entering the rest of the information, all there is left is the authentication. It might vary a little from bank to bank. Just follow the instructions and provide any OTP (One Time Password) required.
  5. Resist yourself from dancing around because we don’t want you to sprain an ankle just before you start playing at OJO. Your account is now funded. Sit back on the couch and start playing!


Withdrawals from OJO with Mastercard

If you’ve already successfully deposited with the payment method and played the slot games, withdrawing is going to be like eating a piece of cake. That’s the correct moniker, right?

Mastercard payments are extremely fast. This is one of the reasons we love this method so much. It might take a few days to show up on your statement, but the money won’t be waiting for that long. It’ll make its way into your real money account before you expect it!

To request a withdrawal, simply visit your casino account, navigate to the banking page and select Mastercard as your withdrawal method!

Mastercard banking method FAQ

  1. What is the minimum deposit with Mastercard at PlayOJO?
    It’s only $10! We want our amigos to start playing immediately.
  2. What else can I do with Mastercard?
    You can go shopping, pay bills, and even travel internationally if you go for the World Mastercard!
  3. What’s the pending period at PlayOJO?
    Well, we don’t like to keep our amigos waiting. We process your withdrawal requests as soon as you place them!


The Mastercard payment banking at OJO is undoubtedly one of your best friends in Canada. Along with the long list of games, we offer a long list of payment methods as well. If Mastercard doesn't seem appealing enough to you, wait till you know about the rest of the methods we offer!