Exciting news, Ontario! In June 2022, Ontario’s new iGaming regulations will start and PlayOJO will be fully licensed and regulated, meaning uninterrupted playtime for you fine people!

So, what does this mean for you?

For now, you can continue playing as normal, but once we officially start operating under the iGaming Ontario (iGO) license, we’ll need a few things from you to keep your account going. Don’t worry though, it’s all very quick and easy.

What will iGO need from you?

1. Employment Status

iGO requires all regulated casinos to provide information about their players’ employment status. When you log into your casino account, you’ll see a pop-up with some very quick questions to answer. It’ll only take a few seconds to complete.

2. Xpoint Verify

iGO requires players to verify their location every time they play online, to make sure they’re in Ontario. This is done using a certified GEO location service and before you ask, your location is only ever shared while you’re logged in to your casino account.

Installing Xpoint Verify is safe and easy. Just follow these simple instructions.

NOTE: You don’t need to install Xpoint Verify if you’re already playing from our iOS App – if you have it, you’re already good to go! Don’t have our iOS App yet? Download it from the AppStore here.

Xpoint Verify: Your questions answered

What is Xpoint Verify?

Xpoint Verify is an iGO-recognised secure service which is used to determine your location while playing on regulated casino platforms.

Why do I need it?

In keeping with laws for regulated casinos, iGO (iGaming Ontario) requires every player to verify that their location is in Ontario. Xpoint Verify does exactly this and without it, you won’t be able to play on a regulated casino in Ontario.

How do I use Xpoint Verify?

It couldn’t be easier. Just download the app, open it up, then follow the simple instructions. What’s more, if you’re playing from a mobile or tablet, you’ll only ever need to open the app once.

However, if you are playing from a PC or Mac, you will need to open the app each time before you log in.

Does Xpoint Verify know my location?

Yes, iGO requires that players verify their location. However, Xpoint Verify will only be able to check your location while you’re playing., Xpoint Verify won’t be able to track your location once you’ve logged out.

Disclaimer: Subject to successful AGCO registration and execution of an Operating Agreement with iGaming Ontario