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Women and Bingo

Bingo is a massively popular game all around the world, and today more players than ever are able to enjoy it thanks to the growing number of online Bingo sites. The game has its origins in 16th century Italy where it was played in some of the world’s oldest gambling halls. Since then, it’s spread across the world and has been played by millions of people. As Bingo has grown in popularity, the demographics of the people playing it have also changed.

According to research, Bingo players are far more likely to be women than men. A study in 2019 of online Bingo players found that around 78% of all online Bingo players are women and 80% are between the age of 35 and 64. While Bingo can be played and enjoyed by anyone, there are several reasons for the demographic split.

Why Do More Women Play Bingo Than Men?

Bingo is enjoyed by people of all ages and genders, but it’s true that the majority of online Bingo players are women. So just why is that the case? There are lots of different reasons but what may be the biggest reason of all is casinos, and sports betting were seen as male pursuits. This may not be the case anymore, but only a few decades ago, women would have felt out of place gambling, and most marketing for sports betting and casinos focused on men. This left a big gap in the market for a game which could be enjoyed by women.

Bingo halls filled that gap, marketing themselves as a place where women could go, be social and have lots of fun while potentially winning prizes. While marketing tends to be a lot more inclusive these days, the stereotypes often stick, and many women still fill a lot more comfortable at Bingo than they would gambling elsewhere.

Although anyone can enjoy online Bingo, a lot of sites still aim their marketing towards the female target market as research shows that women are far more likely to sign up and play. The design of sites, along with the chatrooms and other features, are all aimed at encouraging women to feel welcome and safe. Thanks to this, women are likely to keep playing at Bingo sites and enjoying everything this classic game has to offer.

women enjoying Bingo together

Why is Bingo Enjoyed More by Older People?

Since it was first introduced to the UK in the 1920s, Bingo has grown massively in popularity. Over the years, Bingo became commonly played at village fairs, community centres and residential care homes as a form of entertainment and a means for the community to get together, raise funds and socialise. In the US, Bingo’s popularity grew in a similar way where it was used to raise funds at community or Church events.

Because of its association with these events, Bingo largely grew popular with older demographics. It became a great way for older people to socialise and have fun, and as Bingo halls were built around the UK, they became a popular destination for care home days out. Seniors from across the country would attend big Bingo events on the weekends, giving them something to look forward to each week and a chance to meet new people.

Today, Bingo is more popular than ever, thanks to online Bingo sites. While these sites do welcome players of all ages, Bingo continues to be more popular with older demographics. A large number of online Bingo players are in the 35-64 category, and while the demographics are getting younger, more seniors than ever are getting online and enjoying all the excitement of online Bingo.

Female Friendly Slots

At PlayOJO, there are loads of different exciting Bingo games for you to enjoy, but if that’s not enough, you can also find a huge collection of online slots. These games are based on classic slot machines that you’d find at a traditional casino, but often include more bonuses, high-quality graphics and unique themes. If you love the fast-paced entertainment of Bingo, then you’ll probably enjoy online slots too.

Most online slots are incredibly easy to play, and you can potentially win some big prizes if you get lucky. We have lots of different slots available for anyone to play but if you’re looking for something more female-friendly, look no further than our list below.

  1. Not Enough Kittens
    This cute online slot from developers Thunderkick combines a unique art style with lots of adorable little kittens. Both the music and the overall design of the game are incredibly unique, and some of the best you’ll find in an online slot. Combines with the low volatility, this is a really relaxing game to play. While the wins may not be as big as some other slots, it still has an impressive maximum jackpot of 3650x your stake.
    Not Enough Kittens
  2. Koi Princess
    The Koi Princess online slot is a stunning, anime-style slot from developers NetEnt. The Swedish game developer is well known for the high-quality games it releases, and Koi Princess delivers up more of the same. This slot has loads of fantastic features that are sure to keep players coming back including random wilds, sure win free spins and a bonus wheel. There’s a lot of fun to be had, and the overall design of the slot makes this a winner.
    Koi Princess
  3. Full Moon Romance
    Another big hit from Thunderkick, Full Moon Romance takes place at a drive-in theatre back in the 1950s. The game has a classic feel yet is has modern graphics and features to make it stand out. The moon scatter unlocks the bonus round, and there’s also a clone feature that can really boost your chances of a big win. With a maximum jackpot of more than 2,000x your stake, this slot is sure to get players excited.
    Full Moon Romance slot
  4. Mustang Gold
    Mustang Gold is set on a horse ranch on the plains of the US. The game has a really beautiful backdrop with lots of warm colors, and the gameplay itself is also a lot of fun. There are some interesting features including the instant cash collect and four separate fixed jackpots which can be won in the bonus game. Mustang Gold offers some big prizes including a huge maximum jackpot of 12,000x your stake and the gameplay is exciting enough to keep you coming back for more.
    Mustang Gold slot

Bingo may be seen as a women’s game, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t any less fun than other games out there. Whether you’re a man or a woman, the excitement of matching a pattern or line on your Bingo ticket is hard to match anywhere else. If you’re interested in trying out some of the most popular online Bingo games, then sign up and get started today! We also have loads of other games for you to try out including slots and more.

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