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OJO’s Winter Wonderland

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ll know that we laid on quite the partay for OJO’s 2nd birthday at the end of Feb. OJO’s Winter Wonderland was the winter celebration of the century – a fun-filled week of daily missions and prizes plus the pièce de résistance itself – The Winter Wonderland Star Prizes spinoff, where the first 100 positions on the leader board walked away with very newsworthy prizes. With such amazing stuff up for grabs, A LOT of OJOers took part, with a record-breaking 7,000+ spinoff participants! And in that week alone, OJO handed out a total of £15k worth of prizes!

Winter Wonderland Star Prizes

A French skiing holiday, a Swiss spa package, a Dubai beach break and an Ultimate Iceland Experience were the selection of winter-getaway prizes  the 1st place winner could choose from. The top 5 prizes also included a Samsung HD TV, an iPad 9.7, a UK Thermal Spa Weekend Package for 2 and a £250 Amazon voucher.  Generous CASH PRIZES, 1-Year Netflix subscriptions and 100 Free Spins were on the cards for all remaining 94 places and with such lavish prizes up for grabs, the race was well and truly on to for OJOers to grab some of OJO’s Winter Wonderland Star Prizes.

And the big winners were…

The 1st place winner, who sped their way to the top of the leader board with a mighty score of 15210 was Danish super-spinner, hbcDON70 who won 1 of 4 luxury holidays for 2! Hmmm, will they be needing a travel buddy, I wonder?

A little way behind them with a score of 14220 was British OJOer, fannyfarting (!) who was only just pushed out of the 1st place position at the last hurdle!  But they can’t really complain coz they walked away with a lovely UK Thermal Spa Weekend Package for 2! Do send us a postcard but please… keep it clean.

In a very close 3rd place with a score of 14120 was British player, mazak1c who won themselves a Samsung 50” 4K Ultra HD TV – perfect for those Netflix n’ chill nights 😉 Right behind them with 13820 points was 4th place winner, mebaba from Finland who’ll be listening to some sweet sounds of victory on their brand-new iPad 9.7!

The 5th place winner of a £250 Amazon voucher was Angecas1 from the UK who spun themselves a well-deserved online shopping trip with their 13720 leader board points. And what about the rest of the winners? Well there are far too many to mention but here’s the prize breakdown:

6th – 15th Places: £150 Cash
16th – 30th Places: £100 Cash
30th – 50th Places: 1-Year Netflix Subscription
51st – 100th Places: 100 Free Spins

Look out for OJO’s next big spinoff – there’s always one just around the corner and the prizes speak for themselves, don’t you reckon?

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