Keeping New Year’s resolutions can be bloomin’ hard! In fact, according to research, most of us who set ourselves 2023 New Year’s resolutions would have already packed them in by now. OJO decided to delve deeper and probe the question to our own OJOers, ‘Have you kept your 2023 New Year’s resolutions thus far?’ – hhmmm, how do you think the majority responded?

How many of you kept your New Year’s resolutions?

When we realised that 19th January is typically the time when most of us would have quit our New Year’s resolutions by, we stopped all we were doing and put together 10 Tips on How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions. Well, we wanted to give our OJOers the best possible shot of keeping them this year. Then we thought we’d check in on you a couple of weeks later, just to see how those resolutions were coming alone. We asked the question out there on our social channels… “OJOers, have you kept your New Year’s resolutions?”

The results were in. A whopping 82% of people we asked were no longer keeping their New Year’s resolution goals, but there was still a motivated 19% that were pushing through. Good on you all though, we know how tough it can be to follow through.

Is there a better time to set New Year’s resolutions?

However much we wanted to believe that you’re all out there achieving your 2023 goals, we know how hard it can be to stay motivated during these cold dark months. The OJO crew even reckon it makes more sense to set your goals in the Springtime, when the trees are blossoming, and there’s so much promise in the air – it does make you wonder whether more of us would stick to them if that were the case.

To the 82% of you who gave up on your goals, all is not lost! First of all, it’s never too late to set new ones. Just because you’ve given up on your original goals, well that’s all the more reason to set yourself a new one, an even better one! And if you need help giving yourself the best possible shot of keeping it this time, you can get all the tips you need right here. So whether they’re new year resolutions, quarter year resolutions, half year resolutions – whenever you decide to set them, OJO’s got your back, pal.

OJOers on keeping their New Year’s resolutions

And on a more hilarious note, these ones were too good not to share…

“My New Year’s resolution was to get a date. Yesterday I went to the garage, paid for petrol and got myself a sandwich. I went to pay for it and the young girl behind counter asked me if I’d like to get a drink. I said, “Sure, where would you like to go?”. She responded, “No, a drink with your sandwich – it’s a meal deal”.” – @RonaldWilday

“I bought some new trainers to try and be more fit. By Jan 2nd the dog had not only chewed them, but also peed on them… I knew it was gonna be that kind of year right then…” – @Heres_Leah

“Mine was to not shout as much, but that all went out the window 1 minute past midnight when I was shouting ‘happy new year’ down the street in the rain”. – Carrie A Noble

“Mine was to stop typing “LOL” at the end of every sentence… LOL”. –  Reecia Walton

The weight loss is going swimmingly, she says whilst sat with a carrier bag of crisps, chocolate and cakes in her lap ????????” – Natasha Ford


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