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Bank Holiday Unfairness

Bank Holidays are bloomin’ brill – we count the days to them like we do our summer hols and revel in the fact that our 2-days of weekly freedom is temporarily stretched out. But wait there, what if we told you that out of all the countries, the UK actually gets the 2nd least number of Bank Holidays IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!

Yeah, us Brits have been horribly hard-done-by with our measly 8 days of carefree living, compared to the likes of Cambodia for example, with their very healthy portion of 28 DAYS OF PUBLIC HOLIDAY! Only poor old Mexico are worse off than us with their pitiful 7 days. Sorry to burst your Bank Holiday bubble peeps, but we’re sure you agree – this is totally unfair!

28 days holiday AND beautiful beaches. Cambodia.

Bank Holidays – the stats

Before you all start planning your new lives in South East Asia, let’s take a look at how we measure up against this lot – I hear Sri Lanka has the perfect year-round climate and they must be doing something right coz they’ve got 25 days to lounge around!

Bank Holiday Treats

It’s ok to feel disappointed, but there is one thing us Brits know how to do and that’s how to turn a grey rainy day into a fun-filled bants fest. And that’s why we’re turning the unfairness of our Bank Holiday oppression into a Bank Holiday Spin Fest – well it’s the least we can do. Here’s how it’s gonna work:

  1. From reading this post, see which 3 countries get 14 public holidays.
  2. Then, on our Twitter or Facebook page, locate the Bank Holiday themed post.
  3. Write your answer in the comments section.
  4. We’ll give 30 FREE SPINS to 8 randomly picked correct answers – 1 winner for every joyous UK Bank Holiday!

The competition will run until Monday 26th August.

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