The 8 types of friends you need in your life

We’ve been watching Monica, Chandler and the gang be the bestest of friends for years, and even through all the drama and larks, amazing friendships always came out on top. So how did they do it? Well it certainly helped that they lived across the hallway from each other. But for the rest of us offscreen, happiness has a lot to do with the variety of different friends we have in our lives. So with that in mind, we’re about to reveal the 8 types of friends you need in your life, for a happy life! How many of them do you already have? Alright, alright, it’s not a competition, people!

1. The older friend

This friend has got years of experience behind them, which can come in very handy while navigating your way through life’s little obstacles. Always happy to share their wisdom and knowledge, they’re a valuable one to have on your side. They’ll probably be the one to give you advice on mortgages and relationships, and they just love sharing the lessons they went through themselves to get to where they are today.

2. The workplace bud

Even though we’re not expected to be pals with everyone we work with, having someone to talk to about work stresses or office politics can really take a load off. It’s great to have that person who you can have a good moan to when the pressure gets too much. There’s no one who sees you in quite the same way as your workmates do and these friendships can sometimes last a lifetime. Aaahhh.

3. The Cheerleader

When you’re down in the dumps and feeling rubbish about life in general, this is the friend you go to. This is that friend who you can tell all your deepest darkest secrets to and get nothing but positivity in return. The cheerleader friend will never get jealous of you or your achievements, there’ll only ever give you joy and encouragement. When you’re feeling low, they’ll be there cheering you all the way and reminding you about all the stuff they love about you. We all need a cheerleader in our lives.

4. The fun night out friend

This friend is ALWAYS up for a good time. These guys will drop everything at a moment’s notice to be your wing woman/man for the night. A social butterfly by nature, they’ll know where all the cool spots are and will introduce you to absolutely everyone they know. They might even be that first person you met when you were a newbie in the area. They’ll party hard and be ready to do it all again tomorrow, while you’re in bed nursing your poor hangover. Fun night out friend, we salute you.

5. The crazy friend

You might not see this friend on a daily or even weekly basis, but when you do catch up, it’s always a hoot. This one’s crazy behaviour is always very entertaining and the fact that they’ll try anything once does make way for funny tales. You might not have liked this friend when you first met though – probably thought they were too loud or had a screw loose. Saying that, you soon changed your mind after seeing them fall flat on their face in front of that hot guy. This friend has certainly seen a thing or two and no doubt has a drunken tattoo or piercing to match. Admittedly, life would be that bit more boring without the cray cray friend around.

6. The mummy friend

Despite the name, the mummy friend can be male or female. They’re the friend who always look out for everyone elses needs (like any good mother would). They usually put everyone else’s needs before their own, without ever asking for anything in return. They’ll always stand up for you and will be the first one to step in if there’s a barny going on. They’re the one to call when you’re sick and need a bowel of chicken soup delivered to your front door. Always there with a big nurturing hug. Mmmmmmm.

7. The childhood friend

Childhood friends often end up going in different directions with their lives, but no matter how far your paths separate, childhood friends are still connected. However long it’s been since you saw each other last, catching up feels like no time has passed and you’re all excited to hear about what each other have been up to. This type of friendship has a different quality about it and catching up with a childhood friend can leave you feeling all refreshed and ready to tackle to world again.

8. The loyal best friend

You’re very lucky if you have one of these. That golden holy grail of friends that’s stuck with you through thick and thin over the years. They’ll always be there for you, and they’ll feel more like family than a friend because you’ve been through so much together. They’re the first person you want to tell when something good happens and even if you don’t get to see much of each other, the time you do spend is magic. That’s coz a loyal best friend will always be in your heart. So corny, but true.

With these guys around, you’re sorted for a happy life ahead! And you’ve always got OJO of course.


Aviva is the Content Manager at PlayOJO and writes blogs, copy and all things OJOey. A copy/content marketer for over 7 years, she gets her creative juices flowing by singing, dancing (around her living room), and belly laughing regularly.