– Theresa May has been voted the most unfairly treated person of 2018

– PlayOJO led the nationwide research which surveyed over 2,000 UK adults

– The top 10 also included Ryan Thomas and Donald Trump

Who has been the most unfairly treated person of this year? Based on the results of a nationwide survey on 2,000 UK adults … the most unfairly treated person of 2018 is none other than the British Prime Minster herself, Theresa May.

Let’s face it, the result came as no great surprise. Poor Theresa has had one hell of a year with stressful Brexit negotiations, cabinet resignations and frosty receptions from her EU counterparts.  A spokesperson from PlayOJO rightly added,

“Whatever you think of our Prime Minister, us Brits clearly agree on one thing – she’s had a pretty tough year. Ever since she replaced David Cameron in the wake of the 2016 referendum, she has gone from crisis to crisis and this year with Brexit – it’s got even worse! It’s no surprise the nation thinks she’s been the most unfairly treated person of 2018”.

The final vote was reached from a final shortlist of nine other nominees. The names were selected by a panel of media experts from the world of sport, politics, business and entertainment.

Top 10 most unfairly treated people of 2018:

1. Theresa May
2. Ryan Thomas
3. Jeremy Corbyn
4. Naomi Osaka
5. Donald Trump
6. Geraint Thomas
7. Coleen Nolan
8. Caster Semenya
9. Raheem Sterling
10. Laura Anderson

The second-voted most unfairly treated person of 2018 was CBB’s Ryan Thomas following his unfortunate stint in the Big Brother House, whereby he was accused of punching Roxanne Pallett “like a boxer”. Ryan was convinced his career was over, despite the cameras proving that he’d done nothing wrong.

A more surprising entry to the list is US President Donald Trump who was voted fifth, with people endorsing the view that he is victimised, constantly criticised and slandered through “fake news”.

Whatever their reasons were for being nominated, OJO thinks that no one should have to suffer this kind of unfair treatment, especially from online casinos. This is why we have never had wagering requirements, all our wins and bonuses are paid in cash with no restrictions and we give our players money back on every bet, whether they win or lose.

So, to balance things out, PlayOJO thinks that Mrs May deserves some acknowledgment for an incomprehensibly tough year. So, we asked participants in our survey how we could make her year fairer if they had a chance.  Answers ranged from “giving her more money, giving her time off, to simply giving her more support from her own party.”

Unfortunately, PlayOJO was unable to offer any of these things, however, to make her year fairer, has offered her a bumper prize:

  • Two tickets to Norway, plus a hotel: The best way to stay in Europe.
  • Two tickets to Canada, plus a hotel: The best way to leave Europe.
  • A Pack of Playing Cards: The only way you would get a good deal. 

A letter offering the prize was delivered to Downing Street.

Boom! OJO strikes again in our mission to turn unfairness upside down. And our fairness really does have no limits. This year Downing Street, next year… the UN… NASA… the Oscars? Who knows? There ain’t no mountain too unfair for OJO to climb.

Do send us a postcard, Theresa!

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