It’s been spotted on high streets throughout the country and a large number of us know someone who owns it. In fact, it has been estimated that at least 1 out 3 people in the UK own THAT Zara dress!

The £39.99 polka dot dress from Zara has proven to be this summer’s must-have fashion item, but its popularity has proven to have some negative side effects too – with countless customers complaining that they can now no longer wear it out, out of fear of being spotted and out-dotted.


The dress is so widespread that there are now Instagram channels exclusively dedicated to photographing people wearing the dress and now that once cool summer dress you purchased never comes out to play. But is there a way round this unfortunate turn of circumstance? Well yes, in fact OJO has just the ticket… the ‘Polka-Swap Shop’! Yep, we’re gonna customise your once-unique dress into a new vision so it can once again see the light of day!


If you own THAT DRESS and want to take part in our Polka-Swap Shop, do read on…

1. Send an email to –include a picture of you wearing the dress to assist the alterations team.
2. The Make and Mend team will send you recommended alterations needed to revamp your dress. You must approve these alterations before sending your dress for the work to start. All alterations are FINAL and any further alterations – unless correcting errors – will NOT be covered by PlayOJO.
3. Once you are happy with the suggested alterations, we will arrange for postage delivery to a Make and Mend Seamstress.
4. Once the alterations are made, we will resend your adapted dress to your chosen address.
5. Due to capacity, it is unlikely we will be fulfil every order received. However, if we are unable to fulfil your order, we will communicate accordingly and there will be no expense for the customer.

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