• After a miserable season, 91-year-old super fan George W Forster finally got to see a good game of football after being awarded Manchester United vs. Chelsea tickets
  • Fair online casino PlayOJO fixed George’s season with a “Football Fairness package”
  • The reward was given in recognition of super-fan’s continued support of the Club, which has faced back-to-back relegations

One long-suffering Sunderland fan, having seen his team go through a second successive relegation, finally got the chance to watch a decent game today as he headed to Wembley to watch one of the most prestigious games in the footballing calendar.

George W Forster, 91, who was last month named Championship Supporter of the Year, was given a “Football Fairness Package” by PlayOJO, the fair online casino. The package included lunch and box seat tickets to watch the cup final, plus a meet and greet with ex-Sunderland midfielder and club legend, Julio Arca.

The super-fan, who volunteers five days a week at the Sunderland AFC Supporters’ Association shop, made the all-expenses paid trip to London with his son-in-law to watch the match in style.

A regular at the Stadium of Light, Forster also met Arca last week near the club’s home ground to catch up on the team’s recent performances where they also shared their predictions for the Cup Final.

Fairness Ambassador from PlayOJO

Arca, who presented the tickets to Forster alongside a Fairness Ambassador from PlayOJO, – the fair casino which is challenging the UK online casino market to be fair and transparent – said:

“Despite back-to-back relegations, George has remained a dedicated supporter of the club, and it’s this level of commitment that will help the team continue during difficult times.”

On being rewarded with the tickets, George said: “Sunderland has had a tough time of it over the past couple of seasons, but I will continue to support them through thick and thin.

“I’ve had an excellent day and I am thankful to PlayOJO for giving me the opportunity to watch a great game of football. It was definitely a trip down memory lane for me – albeit under very different circumstances – as I saw Sunderland win at Wembley in 1973 when they became the first Second Division team to lift the Cup.”

A spokesperson for PlayOJO said:

“It’s been a very unfair season for George. His team is one of just five to have faced double relegation in the entire English footballing history, but through his work as Chairman of the Sunderland AFC Supporters’ Association, he continually demonstrates his dedication and commitment to the club.”

“Our mission at PlayOJO is to fight unfairness in the UK and that’s why we are proud to have rewarded his efforts with tickets to one of the biggest games in the English football calendar.”


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