Spin A Mini Summer 2019

4 weeks – 4 spinoffs and tanks of top-notch prizes. Every week of Spin A Mini Summer saw a brand-new spinoff and the race was on for competitors to grab the weekly 1st prize of a brand-new MINI Cooper! The rest of the prizes were also something to shout about, with tickets to dream holiday destinations and seriously awesome tech prizes also up for grabs. Now that our Spin A Mini Summer 2019 is over (well until next time anyway), we can finally reveal where  some of those victory yelps were coming from.

Driving away with £10k!

It was full speed ahead for jostro65365, who finished 1st place at Week 3’s spinoff leader board and opted for the £10,000 cash alternative. He couldn’t quite believe his luck when he won either.  – “Absolutely amazed that we won £10,000 for a £1 entry! Always think it’s someone else who gets these sorts of things happening to them, but this shows that anyone really can win!”

Jostro65365 tells us that this is the biggest win he’s ever had. Who knew it could be so easy, ey? He’s looking forward to celebrating with a nice cold beer. Nice work, amigo!

Jostro65365, winner of Week 3’s £10k cash alternative.

4 weeks of winners

Parocle0112 was Week 2’s Spin A Mini 1st place winner, with The Sword and the Grail proving to be the game to take them all the way. The next thing they knew, they were at the top of the leader board and winner of a brand-new MINI Cooper. Just like that.

That very same week, Andiwoo walked away with the 2nd prize of 2 x tickets to their dream destination, Verena2909 won an ASUS Flip Touch 12.5″ and Killerwal804 bagged a Sony System Home Cinema. Nice work team!

DDxjazz from Week 3 was smitten with their ASUS Flip Touch 12.5″ win. It was the first spinoff they’d ever played and thanks to Midas Golden Touch, they shot up the leader board just like that. DDxjazz later shared, “I am thrilled and surprised with my big win as I never usually have any luck”. It was just your time amigo!

Also winning big that week was Andiwoo, who bagged a DJI Phantom Drone, Chappellk who walked away with a Sony System Home Cinema and Mrj1630 who needed just the one spinoff ticket to bag an Xbox One X 1TB Console– they were just about to feed the baby when they found out – it was quite the happy meal time.

There are just toooo many winners to mention in this post but let’s just say that Spin A Mini Summer 2019 made for a lot of happy OJOers. And that’s just lovely, isn’t it?

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