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Celebrating that big black space

What’s cooler and more fascinating than the endless expanse we call space? With all those pretty stars, suns and mysterious planets that feel so far away from the ordinary Earthling lives we live, we’ll never get bored of exploring the hidden mysteries of life beyond our planet.  So, it’s no surprise that there is an entire day dedicated to space, on the 1st Friday of every May called International Space Day!

Ground Control to Major OJO…

Fill up your oxygen tanks folks, coz you’re going on a trip to space!  Ahh, if only we could make that happen. But don’t fret my space-hopping friends, you get to take off with OJO’s kick ass selection of space-inspired games that’ll send you rocketing– and this time, Houston, there won’t be any problems.

Space Spins

If it’s aliens you’re after, then look no further! With sci-fi sounds that make you feel like you’re on the greatest space mission there ever was, Space Spins slot is full of freakish intergalactic treats. With expanding Wilds and bonuses for Free Spins and 8 additional spins when you get 3 scatter symbols, there are plenty of chances for outer space wins. You’ll be in no rush to come back down to Earth.

Space Wars

Five of the funniest/cutest looking space creatures will greet you on the reels of Space Wars, each of them doing their best to try and be scary whilst battling it out to get their hands on the crystal. The Cloning Pod Re-Spins feature will have you doing the moonwalk if you get a winning combo as all the winning symbols will pile up in the Cloning Pad on the right of the side – quite a sight for sore eyes. Once they’re cloned, they get sent back to the reels and you get a re-spin which can lead to wins of up to 1,000 times your stake!

Space Race

This is serious space stuff, right here. Space Race is the perfect slot for all you space nerds that want that authentic space travel experience. Complete with eerily quiet space sounds and the expanse of limitless starry outer space, the reels are complete with the Earth, the moon, a rocket, probe, meteors and an astronaut. This game’s unique feature round will have you guiding a rocket through a meteor storm to get to the next level. The more levels you go up, the more money that’ll be added to your total.

Space Arcade

Love the 90’s? This retro-style arcade slot comes complete with little characters from the original Space Invaders game and a very fitting 90’s electro soundtrack. With only 3 reels and 3 rows set inside an old school standing arcade machine, it’s a dead-set winner for you nostalgic rollers of the era. As well as topping it on the coolness meter, Space Invaders slot also has very generous multipliers, up to 6 times in fact! Need we say more?

See you in space!

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