The summer of OJO Roulette saw 6 weeks of OJO hitting the road with a whole lotta cash and some wheelie fun games! Each week we rocked up to a new UK city with a new Roulette-style game whereby passersby could earn themselves some quick cash. We’ve had Fizzy Roulette in Newcastle, Balloon Roulette in Manchester, Sun Cream Roulette in Doncaster, Sauce Roulette in Liverpool and Marshmallow Roulette in Birmingham. You can scroll down to get a load of that fine action.

For the final week of OJO Roulette, the OJO crew headed to Nottingham for some awfully artistic Pen Roulette.

Pen Roulette – The Rules:

The aim of our Pen Roulette challenge was for our participants to not to get a face full of pen drawings. With 3 cups of pens (some working, some duff) each cup contained different stakes, risks and rewards, it was up to our players to decide how risky they were feeling:

  • CUP A: 3/4 working pens (1 duff pen) = for a £30 REWARD
  • CUP B: 2/4 working pens (2 duff pens) = for a £20 REWARD
  • CUPC C: 1/4 working pens (3 duff pens) = for a £10 REWARD
  1. Firstly, our player had to choose which of 1 the 3 cups they’d be picking from: A, B or C.
  2. The player chose a pen from the cup for their buddy to draw on their face with.
  3. Following their artistic efforts, a look in the mirror for the grand reveal! Would they have a face full of pen drawing or not?

See this week’s Pen Roulette challenge right here and scroll down to see how the previous OJO Roulette challenges went…

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