Most used emoji icons – a bit of emoji history

There’s no denying that emoji’s have changed the way we communicate. These cute little icons first appeared on Japanese mobile phones in the late 90’s and these days there are new lists of emojis being added to the mix every year.

“Face with tears of joy” – Oxford Dictionary’s “Word of the Year 2015”

Something which started so innocently, a colon and an open bracket and a few x’s for the real love – has now turned into a global language. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has their top most used emoji. The Oxford dictionary itself declared the “Face with tears of joy” emoji as its 2015 Word of the Year – and last time I checked, a crying-laughing face is not a word people!

Emojis have become so big that we honour them with a World Emoji Day – a celebration of all emojis. And why does this special day fall on 17th July? Well, if you look closer at the calendar emoji symbol, what date do you see? Well waddaya know.

But what are emojis actually about?

Emoji’s are so widely used in our digital communications that a WhatsApp message could appear a tad soulless without one – and so we have embraced these little characters and discovered how to use emoji icons to reeeallly show what we’re feeling inside 🤔, even if it doesn’t always hit the spot.

OJO’s fave emoji? It’s a no-brainer.

The words alone just don’t seem to hack it anymore for you hard-core emojiers. This constantly evolving digital “language” continues to come up with more and more ways to help us express ourselves, whether we’re kind of laughing or whether we’re laughing so hard that we have tears coming out of our eyes.

Granted, they’re not always true to form, but we still all still have our go-to most used emojis. Well we already know what our fave emoji was – thumbs up, duh! 👍 But we were curious to know what your guys’ most used emojis were…

Your Top 5 Most Used Emoji Icons

We took to our social media channels to find out which were our OJOers’ fave emojis and have whittled down the results to the top 5 most used emojis:

5. 😍 Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes

Love is in the air, or the eyes for many of you. Always a winner, you can’t go wrong with a bit of love and that’s why this lovey dovey heart-eyed beauty ranked as the 5th most used emoji amongst y’all.

4. 🙈 See-No-Evil Monkey

This monkey certainly gets around, not that he can see much. Rated as the 4th most used emoji by OJOers, you guys are either extremely squeamish, or you just cannot believe what you’re seeing here. It’s alright, nothing to see here – now quit monkeying around.

3. 🤣 Rolling on the Floor Laughing

A more intense laugh than just your average tear-jerking chuckle, this 3rd most used emoji actually has you rolling around on the floor because it was just that hilarious.  Whether it was that funny or not… is anyone’s guess.

2. 👍 Thumbs Up

Well it’s our fave, but great to know we’re in good company. Rated as the 2nd most used emoji of our OJOers is the good ole’ thumbs up – that’s just bloomin’ thumbtastic.

1. 😂 Face with Tears of Joy

And the winner is… Rated as the most used emoji by our OJOers, you guys must go through an awful lot of tissues, with all that laughing til you’re crying. We’re just glad things tickle you THAT much.

Happy World Emoji Day to one and all! 🥳 😎 😁 🎉

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