Money Back vs Cash Back: Here’s the Distinction and Why it Matters

As casino bonuses have become less and less generous over the past decade or so, and wagering requirements more brutal, the casino industry has been long been crying out for change and innovation. If only someone would dare do something different.

Of course, over the years alternatives to the typical match bonuses and sign up bonuses have been introduced, one of the more attractive of which is the cash back bonus.

This is is a refund in bonus money, and very occasionally even real withdrawable cash, offered to players, usually as a percentage to their net losses. So, for example, a casino offers 5% cash back on a certain slot, and you blow through £100 playing on it, your account will be credited with £5.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Better, certainly, than a kick in the teeth. You have nothing to lose but that £5, which you kinda thought you had lost already anyway.

But there are certain caveats here. First of all, the most obvious — you have to lose to qualify for this bonus. The casino is tossing you a meagre token of consolation after they have already taken your money. And maybe you had fun playing that slot, but we suspect you might have preferred to hang onto that £100, at least for a little but longer.

But have you ever wondered why these bonuses are usually restricted to certain games? Could it be that these games have lower payout percentages than the others, which means they’re designed so that you blow through that money quicker? Check the small print because it may be that, in the long run, and in certain casinos, you’re better off not bothering with the cash back bonus at all.

But what if there were a site that gave you money back on all bets, win or lose, with no restriction on the games you play whatsoever?

Step forward, a brand new online casino that’s looking to shake up the industry by doing exactly that. And this is not cash back, this is “money back”.

PlayOJO insists on the distinction because the “cash back” term is inaccurate, a shaky definition, since usually what you are getting are “credits” for use in the casino. Rarely are you able to withdraw this “cash” to spend as you please. You must feed it back into the machine.

But, through its revolutionary OJOplus scheme, offers a completely open and transparent system that pays you real money back on every bet, win or lose, on any game. That means actual money. It goes directly into your account, instantaneously, where it is yours to withdraw or to do with as you please. You, as the player, are completely in the driving seat.

How does it work? Well, say a slot pays 96.4% over time. PlayOJO will pay out 97%. It’s that simple. No catches. No hidden small print.

Here’s a simple example of what a player will get in cash back versus OJOplus if they were to wager 1,000 on a typical slot machine with RTP of 96.4%.

Cashback OJOplus
Wager 1000 1000
Return to player 964 N/A
Player lose 36 N/A
Cash back 15% 5.4 N/A
Money back at 0.6% N/A 6


The advantage to the player is immediately obvious. It’s not just about fairness and transparency, it’s also about real-money value.

Finally, someone dared to be different.


Money Back

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