Blackjack guide coming soon

Supercharge your skills with the ultimate Blackjack guide

Stick or twist, right? That’s all you needed at Ye Olde Blackjack tables. But times, they are a’changing!

Blackjack is unique in the casino game world. For a game of chance, there’s an amazing amount of skill involved. Stand when you should hit, or turn down an easy double, and you’re burning money you didn’t need to.

In theory, Blackjack has one of the lowest house edges in gambling. But only if you make the right move every time.

Thanks to the pioneers of computer science in the sixties, we know precisely how each decision affects your long term profit or loss. There’s a right and a wrong way to play the 8 billion combinations of player and dealer cards. But fortunately, you can crack the game in minutes if you’ve got the right guide through this world of hits and splits.

Learning to play perfect Blackjack: What’s in it for you?

With the help of OJO’s Blackjack guide, you’ll be able to pick the best tables and make the mathematically perfect move every time.

We can’t teach you to how to beat the game consistently, coz it’s a casino game and there’s a house edge, amigo. Them’s the rules!

But we can show you how to avoid the most common mistakes, save yourself money and stay zen while you play. Stick around and we’ll even show you how to see beyond the cards and chips to the matrix underneath. It’s all numbers, ya know!

Playing perfect Blackjack is a worthwhile destination. It’s better for your account balance and (our favourite excuse for mastering the game) it counts as brain gym too. But the journey has to be just as fun too, and we’ll make sure there are plenty of laughs along the way. It doesn’t have to take hours of study and even longer to practice to play like a pro either. Follow our simple advice and you’ll play perfectly in minutes.

What’s in it for OJO?

Hold up. We’re a casino, so surely we want you to make mistakes – the higher the house edge, the better right? No way, BJ.

OJO is the High Priest of Fair Play, and part of our mission is making sure you get the best deal around. We’re all about the fun, too. If you’re getting more for your money, and loving a much fairer fight with the dealer, you’ll be a happy OJOer, and we will be too.

Here’s just some of the smarts you’ll pick up

OJO’s new guide is an A to Z of Blackjack with invaluable advice for novices and experts alike. No sermons, just great strategies and sensible advice for safer, smarter play. If like us you love your gaming gossip, you’ll enjoy our Blackjack pub trivia, legendary tales of Blackjack folklore and the definitive answers to the most burning questions of all.

When should you take insurance? What’s considered bad etiquette at the table? Can you really make money counting cards? Is splitting Tens really the worse blunder in Blackjack? No stone will be left unturned in our pursuit of blackjack brilliance.

Get ready, coz it’s time to upgrade your game

We’re certainly not the first to be sharing the good Blackjack word, but we just might be the first to make it feel like you’re not in the classroom.

We’re applying the spit and polish before we hit the switch. Come back soon when we share the secret to world-class Blackjack, for free!

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