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The Circle Of Life Comes Full Circle!

There have been A LOT of Disney remakes on the big screen of late: Dumbo, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast… with many more on the cards. This probably has something to do with the part of Walt Disney’s will that calls for a remake of all Disney animations every 10 years. Well that’s a lotta remakes, but we’re not complaining coz there’s nothing like a bit of  big screen Disney magic. And for all you smarty pants – yes, the original Lion King animation was in fact released in 1994, so they were running slightly behind on ole’ Disney’s schedule, but all the more to look forward to. Ready to feel the love tonight? We are! But depending on when you read this, you might have to wait till tomorrow night to feel it – that being Friday 19th July, the film’s officially release date.

Back To The Pride Lands

Directed by John Favreau, the Lion King remake has been created using photorealistic computer animation – much easier than relying on the animals to learn their lines on time, but they sure do they look life-like. The star-studded voice cast includes the multi-talented Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) as main star Simba, the queen of pop, Beyonce as his friend/to be lover, Nala and the much-loved Hangover and Knocked Up actor, Seth Rogen as the adorable warthog, Pumbaa.

All our fave songs from the original are there, including remakes of Elton John’s Circle of Life and Can You Feel The Love Tonight, not to mention a couple of new songs, one of which, named “Spirit” was created by Beyonce herself and has been released as the lead single of the soundtrack.

Be Prepared!

For those of you who need a little recap, the story starts with little baby Simba being presented by his dad, Mufasa to all the animals of the Pride Lands – he’s the next in line to the throne you see. Well, naughty Uncle Scar, who could quite fancy taking the throne is having none of this and plots, along with his mischievous hyena pals to do away with both Mufasa and Simba. Honestly, the celeb power trip is just too much for some people. Let’s just say that his evil plot worked for a little while, until a certain someone came to their senses and saved the day. We won’t spoil it for you oddballs who haven’t seen the original but expect tears, lols, much singing and perhaps the odd animal-like outburst.

Are You Lion Down Comfortably?

With all this roaring going on, your inner beast is going to be craving for more Pride Land adventures so we’ve got just the thing to keep your paws busy. If it’s African plains you’re wanting, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you play the 1,024 ways to win Silver Lion from Lightning Box Games. And of course, when you play this beast of a game at PlayOJO, you’ll get money back on every single bet, whether you win or lose!

You’ll rub shoulders with all of the animals in the kingdom when you play Silver Lion, including meerkats, zebras and hippos, oh my. The bonus feature will for sure give you something to purr about, offering up to 20 Free Spins with the ability to trigger a further 5 Free Spins. The Tree Wild symbol is the one to watch as it can boost your winnings by 2 or 3 times, for a combined advantage of a huge 27x multiplier! But you wouldn’t expect any less from the king of the jungle, would you now? Ggggrrrrrr.



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