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So, your name is Karen? You want to speak to the manager? Oh…we’re sorry.

Calling all you lovely Karen’s!

Is your name Karen? Fed up of being stereotyped off a name you didn’t even choose? Of receiving negative stigma that came from a silly a viral meme? You might even be convinced that your name is making people swipe left on Tinder (we can’t guarantee this …but if it makes you feel better)

Well today is your lucky day, Karen! We’re giving away £14 of online credit to all real life Karens because we think you’re in need of a pick-me-up. As it happens, £14 is how much it costs to legally get your name changed if the Karen digs get too much for you. Personally, we think Karen is an awesome name, but we wanted to give you the option just in case – y’know, coz we’re the Fair Casino.

Either say goodbye to Karen forever and change your name by deed poll for £14, or redeem the cash to play on PlayOJO games – then the laugh will be on all those Karen jabbers out there… there’ll be cursing the day their parents didn’t name them Karen.

How to claim “£14 for Karen”

  1. Sign up or login to PlayOJO
  2. Click on the ‘Help’ tab and select ‘Chat’
  3. A member of the OJO Crew will credit all real-life Karens’ accounts with £14
  4. Offer valid between 10th – 31st August 2020.

What is a Karen?

‘Karenphobia’ has gotten out of control. It started as a passing meme referring to a middle-class woman who gets her own way, but having caught on like wildfire, the Karen meme has now led to wide-spread mockery towards all people with the name Karen. A tad unreasonable we think. So my friends, if you happen to be called Karen, rest easy coz as the fair casino, PlayOJO is setting out to make fair of this unfair situation. We’re here for you, Karen.

Where did the Karen meme come from?

Back in the 1960s, Karen was one of the most popular baby girl names around. So when and how then did this widely used name become next in line to that of Dr Evil? The truth is, the origins of the meme aren’t exactly crystal clear. With our online world of social media, it’s become all too easy to create trends that become viral.

It’s not right that 62% of Brits associate the name Karen with personality traits such as entitlement and obnoxiousness. Nor is it right that one in five 16-24-year olds in the UK would feel uneasy about a relationship if their mother in law was a Karen. A massive 60% of 40-54-year olds would avoid naming a child Karen, due to negative connotations associated to the name. There’s even a Karen haircut which has been linked to the name – no doubt second thoughts have been had before opting for this look at the hairdresser. None of this is fair and it’s about time that you Karens had some fair treatment come your way. So, if your name is Karen, come and claim your £14 Karen-treat, courtesy of OJO.

Terms and Conditions
1) This offer is only available for new customers or customers with accounts opened within the last 30 days.
2) This offer is only applicable to people with the first name Karen. As part of opening an account with PlayOJO you will be required to submit ID as normal verification. Should we or our partners require any further evidence we may request this at any time.
3) This offer will only be available to the first 100 Karens that register on the site from 10/08/2020 and the last day of the promotion is 31/08/2020. Should we reach 100 before the final date of the promotion the offer will be considered finished and not available to any other entrants.
4) The free credit is not automatically applied to your account. To have it applied please contact us and say “I am a Karen”. Our support will credit it for you.

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