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No.73? IT’S THE GC!

Last Thursday, we launched PlayOJO Bingo with a drive-in extravaganza in Manchester, hosted by the reality TV queen Gemma Collins, who was on hand as our celebrity bingo caller.

The GC took to the role like a true pro, giving away lots of amazing prizes to OJOers in attendance and even serenading the audience, alongside nineties heartthrobs East 17, with a rendition of Garage classic ‘Women Trouble’, to close the show.

Whilst in Manchester, we sat down with Essex’s most iconic export to get her take on the world.

PlayOJO: Hey Gemma, tell us, what brings you here to Events City in Manchester?

GC: I’m here with PlayOJO to host an amazing drive-in bingo event to celebrate the launch of the brand new PlayOJO Bingo platform, which you can access now on and offers users eight gameplay rooms.

I’ll be calling three fun-filled bingo games and giving away epic prizes like new TVs, popcorn and ice-cream makers alongside 90’s icons Mr. Motivator and East 17 – what more could you want!?

PlayOJO: So Gemma tonight you are hosting the launch of PlayOJO Bingo and showcasing your lock-down weight loss.

What’s your secret and what would your advice be to anyone starting their own weight loss journey?

 GC: I use Skinny Jabs – it’s a programme that I am on and I have managed to lose 3 stone on it. It is a full programme, you get nutrition advice, nice recipes and guidance, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to lose weight.

My advice to anyone looking to start a weight loss journey would be to adopt the right mindset. I believe that all bodies are beautiful, but if you want to make a change its really powerful to do it from a health-first perspective.

It’d really encouraging to see Boris taking action to tackle the issue of obesity in our country. Boris has lost some weight himself recently – I saw him on the news the other day with his weight loss and his holiday tan and I thought ‘Boris looks a bit of a sort’. Bless you Boris – losing weight will make anyone feel better.

PlayOJO: Speaking of tans, you were recently in Greece for your ‘In The Style’ fashion range photo-shoot. You must have only just have missed out on quarantine.

How would a Diva In Quarantine have compared to a Diva In Lock-down?

GC: I’ll be honest with you, I liked being in lock-down as it gave me a bit of a rest. I strongly believe we need to keep everyone in the country safe, so I am all about doing what is required to ensure that. Everybody needs to do their bit to take care of others and look at the bigger picture.

Hopefully if we are all sensible and we do what the Government is asking us to do and follow the guidelines, then we can all have a nice Christmas. 

PlayOJO: You launched your ‘In The Style’ fashion line today – it has just dropped on Instagram.

Who inspires your fashion? Who is The GC’s style icon?

GC: I have always been a bit of a flamboyant character. I have loved a lot of fashion over the years, going all the way back to the Hollywood movie stars. The inspiration for the fashion line came as I was ostracised by a lot of people when I first came on the scene on TOWIE for being a bigger girl and I didn’t want anyone else to feel like that. I was inspired by my own story to be honest.

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