Ahhh, pillow fighting – is there anything more exciting?! It’s typically something we associate with doing as kids, but adults can enjoy it just as much. And that will certainly be the case today as thousands of people across the world celebrate International Pillow Fight Day.

Perhaps coincidentally, it comes in the same week that it’s been announced that pillow fighting has been confirmed as an Olympic sport, starting at the next edition of the games.

Returning to the city of love for the first time in 100 years, the 2024 Olympic games will take place in Paris next summer.

Incredibly, pillow fighting is set to be included as an event, with four different medal categories – men’s singles, women’s singles, mixed doubles and team.

Last time out, five new sports were added to the Olympics. Surfing, climbing, skateboarding, baseball and karate all debuted in Tokyo. And following the success of their introduction, pillow fighting has joined the growing list of events.

Fighting in general is as old as time but there’s no way of knowing when pillow fights truly began. They’ve just always been a way of having fun, right? But what we do know is when it first started to gain popularity outside of the bedroom.

Our wrestling readers may remember that the WWE has hosted pillow fight matches in the past. This created a trend of pillow fight leagues starting in Canada.

Over time the sport has surged in popularity. This rise ultimately spawned International Pillow Fight Day, an annual celebration that encourages people to meet up and – you guessed it – bash each other with pillows! Whether it’s in the comfort of your own home with friends and family or on a larger scale, there’s no limit to the pillow fighting fun you can take part in.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to pillow fight! In fact, what’s stopping you from attempting to organise the biggest pillow fight ever? The Guinness World Record was broken back in 2018. The attempt saw 7,861 people taking part in the largest ever pillow fight at a concert in Minnesota.

So, it’s probably because of this mass participation that the Olympic committee have decided to add pillow fighting to their repertoire. If you don’t believe us, go back through the blog and read the first letter of every paragraph. Gotcha!


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