Great British Bake Off has now firmly cemented itself in our mid-week routines. As the cold sets in, the public have settled in front of their televisions to watch the spectacular masterpieces – and failures – of this year’s crop of bakers.

While many may take the opportunity to dust off their slightly dubious baking skills, we at PlayOJO have decided to explore a different avenue. Besides, how hard is it to spot a delicious cake?


The slightly chaotic chef’s kitchen makes the task somewhat difficult, but for eagle eyed cake lovers, it might just be an easy challenge. Sift your way through the bags of flour, get distracted by the numerous kettles and dodge the multiple eggshells, to find the glorious vanilla cake slice, filled with chocolate buttercream, and doused with chocolate icing, with two juicy cherries sitting on the top.

Can you find the slice in under a minute? Only one in 10 can!

Great British Bake off Brain Teaser


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