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OJO’s Live Blackjack Table

If you love a bit of Blackjack you’ll be glad to hear that OJO have now got our very own dedicated Live Blackjack table.  All that lovely jubbly Blackjack goodness EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU, AMIGO!

So what exactly does OJO’s Live Blackjack Table mean for you?

  • Bet as little as £5
  • Less waiting time
  • Exclusive PlayOJO treatment with a dedicated dealer 24/7
  • The best company you could wish for – other OJOers!

Cash Bonus Cards

If that wasn’t enough to get excited about, between 26 Dec – 02 Jan we’ll be adding 2 Cash Bonus Cards to every card shoe at PlayOJO’s New Live Blackjack Table between the hours of 17:00-22:00 GMT. Anyone could be dealt one, whether you win a hand or not and we’ll pay it straight into your account within 48 hours.

So don’t queue up with the rest of ‘em, come and chew the fat with your fellow OJOers and enjoy less hanging around and exclusive PlayOJO treatment 24/7 – coz no one treats you better than your homies do.

Exclusive Blackjack is ready and waiting. See ya there!


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