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Shout out to my eggs!

With it being Easter n all, OJO wanted to get out there and spread the festive joy. And what’s Easter without eggs, ey? So, we took to the streets of London with something ever so fun up our sleeves….

Egg Roulette – The Rules:

The aim of our Egg Roulette challenge was for our participants NOT to get egg on their faces. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well that depended on how “whisky” they were feeling. There were 3 boxes of eggs in total, each box had different stakes, risks and rewards:

  • BOX A: 3/4 raw eggs (1 cooked egg) = for a £50 REWARD
  • BOX B: 2/4 raw eggs (2 cooked eggs) = for a £30 REWARD
  • BOX C: 1/4 raw eggs (3 cooked eggs) = for a £10 REWARD
  1. Firstly, our player had to choose which of 1 the 3 boxes they’d be picking from.
  2. Then, in one swift movement (and we made sure of that!) they had to crack that egg on their head.
  3. Hopefully, they’d walk away egg-free, but either way they’d get a cash prize!

So now that we’re clued up on the rules, eggs see how it went…

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