Casino stars – what’s your flavour?

You’ve played them, you’ve spun them, but would you date them? We reveal the dating profiles of 6 of our most played characters and probe the question on everyone’s lips: would you snog, marry or fight them? Is there is a glove for every hand? We’re about to found out in ‘The Most Datable And Undatable Casino Stars: 2020’.

Name: Rich
Age: 41
Occupation: Archaeologist
Hobbies: Rock-climbing, museums, home DIY and playing my electric guitar.
Likes: The Antiques Roadshow, History Channel and anything rare and shiny.
Dislikes: Marmite (euugghh), snakes, reality TV.
Fave foods: Tea-dunked biscuits and anything with melted cheese.
What his friends say about him: Rich is a solid guy, someone you can always rely on – he does like to get his own way sometimes, but that’s part of his genius nature. You won’t find him at the pub every night, he’s more of a stay-at-home with a glass of vino and history encyclopaedia kinda guy. Oh, he’s also an amazing dad.

What you guys think: There’s no denying that Rich is a bit of a dish and our OJOers tend to agree, with 2 out of 5 OJOers ready to snog him, 3 out of 5 after a marriage proposal and zero takers to fight him – Rich has got it goin’ ooooon.

Name: Gladys
Age: 35
Occupation: Gladiator
Hobbies: Gym, rom-coms and ice cream.
Likes: A nice juicy steak, heavy accessories and chilling in the tub to Mariah Carey.
Dislikes: Anything pink and fluffy and people who scream. Unless it’s for ice cream!
Fave foods: Meat (as rare as it comes!) and any flavour of ice cream.
What her friends say about her: Gladys is the best fun on a night out – she can drink any man under the table and she’s always the last one standing. You don’t wanna get on her wrong side and she can smell a rat a mile away, so treat her well and she’ll have your back. But whatever you do, don’t call her babe.

What you guys think: Gladys seems to have it all – beauty and strength and brains. The perfect package?  Yes, it seems so, with 2 out of 5 of you ready to get down on one knee and propose to your dream gal, and rest of you ready to snog her face off. Gladys is a lucky lucky girl.

Name: Victor
Age: 45
Occupation: Viking Warrior
Hobbies: Pumping iron, fixing cars and visiting the needy.
Likes: Chinese food, championship boxing and a long hot sauna.
Dislikes: Grapefruit – the actual fruit of the devil!
Fave foods: Spaghetti bolognaise and English trifle, or anything with custard.
What his friends say about him: Vic is a big friendly giant. He looks scary but he’s actually the biggest softy and goes out of his way to do good things for others when he’s not playing Viking. He even popped into see my nan last week, just coz he was passing. Saying that, if there’s trouble lurking, he’s the one you’re sending in.

What you guys think: It seems that you OJOers are quite partial to a bit of hunky chunk. 3 out of 5 of you would love nothing more than a big muscly snog from our Victor and the rest of you are dreaming about those big guns lifting you down the aisle. Way to go big Vic!

Name: Sandra
Age: 42
Occupation: Tour Operator
Hobbies: Pilates, crocheting and cooking traditional Caribbean cuisine.
Likes: Long strolls along the beach, cocktails at five and aromatherapy foot rubs.
Dislikes: Rain, and people who leave food on their plate.
Fave foods: Fresh fish, jerk chicken and yummy mangoes!
What her friends say about her: Sandra loves to feed people, so it’s impossible to go hungry when you’re with her. She has a strong family ethic and would do anything for her loved ones. She’s quite loud too, so she’d probably go well with a guy who likes to listen. And eat!

What you guys think: She seemed like the prefect little wifey material, but did you guys agree about that? Well it seems that Sandra’s homemade cooking will have to go to more deserving mouths – coz 2 out of 5 of you would rather punch her in the face!  Oh Sandra love, they don’t know what they’re missing.

Name: Finn
Age: 47
Occupation: Leprechaun magician
Hobbies: Magic, comedy and my favourite past-time – the Irish Riverdance.
Likes: Playing pranks, rainbows and the colour gold.
Dislikes: People who take themselves too seriously.
Fave foods: Irish stew and anything with cabbage.
What his friends say about him: Finn is the funniest guy you’ll ever meet. He loves messing with you, so be prepared for a prank or two. He doesn’t have much of a serious side but is amazing with kids, but mainly coz he’s just a big kid himself! One thing is for sure though, there’ll never be a dull moment with our boy Finny.

What you guys think: Has our Irish fella tickled those taste buds or ruffled those feathers? Weeeelll, let’s hope he’s sitting down for this coz 5 out of 5 OJOers would actually quite like to fight him to the ground – with no snog or marriage proposals in sight.  Sigh.

Name: Betsy
Age: 28
Occupation: Viking and hairdresser (weekend job)
Hobbies: Marital arts, boxing and hair creations.
Likes: Spa music, meditation and walking my dog, Rambo.
Dislikes: Things that make me angry, especially bad manners.
Fave foods: Indian – the spicier, the better!
What her friends say about her: Betsy is a closet sweetheart – and she’s the only person I let cut my hair! She also makes a mean curry and will even send you home with the leftovers – she’s thoughtful like that. She does have a temper on her, but just show her the respect she deserves and she won’t go berserk on you. Simples.

What you guys think: She’s not everyone’s cup of tea, our Betsy – but what did our OJOers think? Well 2 out of 5 of you would quite like to snog her, the other 2 out of 5 would be brave enough to marry her and  1 out of 5 are ready to see Betsy go Berserk. You can’t win ‘em all, lass.

Will you ever be able to look at these guys the same way again? Perhaps a romantic spin could sway you either way – well, you know where to find them!

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