Compulsion, have you got it?

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Do you have Compulsion? Problem Gambling is the 'hidden' habit, it has no scent, it has no clear 'visible' sign, it often hides in plain sight.

PlayOJO are working with reality TV star Gemma Collins, and the gambling counselling charity Breakeven, to raise awareness of this growing issue.

"I am working with PlayOJO and Breakeven to raise awareness of the often-hidden issue of problem gambling. I’ve been around addicts in my life and drug addictions and alcoholism can be pretty easy to spot. Problem gambling often hides in plain sight, and we need to raise awareness of the early warning signs so that we can ensure people that are struggling, get the help they need, before it becomes a problem."

Gemma Collins

This portal is designed to help you spot the early signs of a potential gambling problem and provides support services that can assist you if you, or a member of your family, are struggling with problem gambling, or you have concerns about the behaviours of someone close to you.

Gemma Collins interviews Ian Semel, CEO of Breakeven, himself a recovered gambling addict. Ian tells his story of his issues; how he realised he had developed this issue and offers advice to people who feel they might be struggling and how they can utilise Breakeven's support services.

Across the country, we are utilising technology more than ever, to work, socialise and play. With these working conditions becoming the norm, problem gamblers will be even harder to identify. Here Gemma and Ian discuss some of the tell-tale signs that someone might be hiding a problem in full-sight.

Breakeven provides support to those affected by problem gambling and their CEO, Ian Semel, sat down with Gemma Collins to discuss the services the charity provides.

Remember 'SMELL'

The acronym is designed to spot five tell-tale early signs of problem gambling:

Letter S

SLEEP – is your loved one struggling to sleep at night?

Letter M

MONEY – is someone you know inexplicably losing money or struggling financially?

Letter E

EXTREME – is a family member exhibiting extreme mood swings or have they notably changed their behaviour?

Letter L

LOSING – is your friend losing interest in the pursuits they have historically enjoyed?

Letter L

LYING – have you caught out your loved one for not telling the truth recently? Have you been unconvinced by their explanation or feel they are constantly telling lies?

Get advice and support

Reach out to any of these independent organisations for a range of support services related to gambling and debt problems.

Be gamble aware logo mobile

Information, advice and live chat support from independent charity GambleAware® created to keep people safe from gambling harms.

Payplan logo mobile

Free debt advice and management plans to help problem gamblers overcome financial difficulties.

Breakeven logo mobile

Are you affected by problem gambling or are you affected by somebody else’s gambling? Free treatment – call now to arrange an appointment. Call: 01273833722

National gambling logo mobile

A freephone service providing confidential information, advice and support for anyone affected by gambling problems.

GA logo mobile

Literature, forums, chat rooms and real-life support groups for problem gamblers.

Shield logo desktop

Discover the Safer Gambling Tools that PlayOJO encourages players to take advantage of in order to play safe.