– A quarter of Brits experience up to three train delays each month

– One in five commuters suffer delays in excess of 40 minutes

– A quarter admit to taking their frustrations out on a member of rail staff

Most of us have felt the annoyance of at least one train delay in our time and I’m sure we can all agree that there’s nothing more frustrating than waiting around aimlessly when you’re already running late for that important meeting, family dinner or drop-dead gorgeous date. After some OJO-lead research, we realised just how bad the reality was for so many of our nation’s commuters who experience this kind frustration on a regular basis.

Check it out – a quarter of Brits experience 3 train delays a month and one in five commuters have delays of more than 40 minutes! That’s a lot of wasted time waiting around for your ride. A quarter of Brits admitted to losing their cool with a member of rail staff and a further 12% admitted to taking out their built-up frustrations on their loved ones. This is clearly unfair to travellers, families and rail staff, so OJO had no choice but to step in and help.

Although we don’t have the power to fix the problem itself, we took TOWIE regular and personal trainer to the stars, Charlie King down to Kings Cross station, along with a giant punchbag, in a bid to give some of the affected commuters a stress-relieving mini work-out.

Check out some of the commuters having fun with the PlayOJO punchbag:

Charlie was of course only too pleased to help the cause and shared his views about the current state of train delays the nations commuters are suffering:

“It’s  not fair that commuters have to put up with such poor-quality service, particularly when they are paying such high fares. But in equal measures, it’s  also unfair for the  people around them who have to bear the brunt of the frustrations – work colleagues, friends, family members and the poor train station staff – so we hope this five-step workout will help alleviate some of their stress.”

See the original Charlie King Essential 5-Step Stress-Relieving Workout for the UK’s frustrated commuters right here!

Charlie King Exercise Work-Out1. Attack the bag – 1 minute

An excellent way to stimulate the production of endorphins, commuters should throw some rapid-fire punches, repetitively striking the bag for one-minute.

2. 15 Star jumps

This childhood exercise is bound to put you in a good mood and the variety of muscle groups being worked on will benefit your body as a whole.

3. 15 Push ups

A staple of any good workout, push-ups will allow you to press against those feelings of frustration and help build muscle definition in the process.

4. The Tree – 30 seconds

Beautifully balancing muscle and mind, this yoga pose, known as ‘The Tree’ aims to relax commuters after the previous high-intensity activity.

5. Child’s Pose – 30 seconds

A great way to finish off the workout, the Child’s Pose strengthens and stretches shoulders, arms, core, and oblique muscles – a perfect way to be calm and alone with your thoughts.


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