• Research has shown that over two thirds of Brits are failing to keep up with the government’s most recent Brexit proposal
  • PlayOJO teams up with former Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother star, Luisa Zissman to present the real facts about Brexit.
  • Brexit expert Professor Alex de Ruyter, Director of the Birmingham City University Centre for Brexit Studies provides valuable insight on the topic of Brexit.

With Brexit taking up much of our headline news with talks of deals, no deals, postponed deals, dud deals blah blah blah… the bulk of us Brits are continually left wondering, “so what IS the deal with all this Brexit stuff?”. In fact, recent research carried out has revealed that the majority of Brits (two-thirds in fact) still haven’t got the foggiest idea of what’s going on when it comes to Brexit.

This is big stuff here people! Our imminent departure from the European Union will affect all of us in some way or another, yet the best part of our nation feels very kept in the dark about it. What the British public needs is a Brexit expert (Brexpert if you like) who will tell it like it is and more importantly, tell us exactly how this significant moment in British history is going to affect our lives. It’s a small ask really, don’t you think?!

In steps OJO! With all of this lack of Brexit understanding going on, we thought it was about time that someone stepped up for the good of the British people and made fair out of this unfair situation. We also happened to know just the person to assist us…

Most of you would know Luisa Zissman as a former runner-up on The Apprentice or as 4th place finisher on Celebrity Big Brother. Her popularity, high energy and straight-talking nature makes this TV personality/businesswoman the ideal candidate to break things down for her fellow-Brits.

Luisa Zissman explains Brexit

Luisa has her own strong opinions about the overall state of the understanding of Brexit:

“It is concerning to find out just how few people in this country feel that they have a good grasp on what’s going on with Brexit. I wanted to help explain these complicated topics into a clear and entertaining way, that even your nan would understand.”

To provide us with all the Brexit answers we needed, we called upon the ‘Brexpert’ of all ‘Brexperts’, Professor Alex de Ruyter, Director of the Birmingham City University Centre for Brexit Studies. Together with Professor de Ruyter’s help, OJO has gone where no politician has gone before in providing our fellow countrymen the ultimate Brexit-breakdown video clip, presented by Luisa Zissman herself.

Luisa gives us the lowdown on need-to-know points such as how mobile phone companies have no obligation to keep the EU’s ban on roaming charges for Brits abroad, how EU imported foods, such as the tasty Frankfurter sausage might be harder to come by in the future and how the Pound could drop even further in a post-Brexit Britain.

Get the full #Brexplanation right now by watching PlayOJO’s exclusive Brexit Uncovered video:

A spokesperson for PlayOJO casino said:

“Whatever your political standpoint, we think that the way the Brexit negotiations have been communicated to the British public is simply not fair, given the importance of the outcome and how it will affect all of us.

“Politicians have failed to cut through the jargon and deliver an understandable explanation of what might happen after our departure from the EU so, we wanted to team up with Luisa because her bubbly personality and straight-talking approach will allow her to bring a clear and engaging twist to tricky subjects and hopefully deliver a message that resonates with the average person.”


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