How to make a fair casino

It’s no wonder that the online gaming industry is growing at such a fast rate, with new casinos opening all the time. But what sets PlayOJO apart from the average Joe casinos that no one ever hears about? With such a competitive market to break through, what makes a casino an industry-recognised operator within a mere year of its launch? Yes, PlayOJO hadn’t even been around for a year when we won our Rising Star EGR Award in 2017. It’s not an easy task to break through the noise in the market and stand out from the rest, but we did it and this is how…

Unbeatable brand propositions

We wanted to make PlayOJO stand out as the fairest casino there is – to offer something completely different by being totally fair and transparent. So, we put our heads together and came up with the most OJOmazing benefits that no one else in the industry had even considered:

All Wins and Bonuses Paid in Cash and with no restrictions: Yes, we ditched those pesky bonuses that always sounded too good to be true and instead we offer our players real cash rewards that they can withdraw at any time they like. Afterall, what’s yours should be yours!

No Wagering Requirements, ever: This was big news for many casino players. A win isn’t is as exciting when you have to then wager your prize a bunch of times before you actually get to touch it. With PlayOJO, the fair casino – you will never have to wager a dime. So if you land a win, all that cash is yours then and there! Booyakasha!

no wagering requirements

Money back on every bet, win or lose: We treat our OJOers like we want to be treated ourselves. That’s why we give them back something every single time they play, no matter what the outcome is. It’s called an OJOPlus account and you can top up your regular OJO account with this cash money that keeps accumulating any time you like – just hit the button!

OJOplus levels and the OJO Wheel: Where else do you get rewarded just for playing? Because when you’re part of the OJO family, you can keep climbing the level system as you keep earning more OJOplus money. When you’ve reached a special level, or when we just fancy treating you, you get to spin the OJO Wheel to win cash rewards! There are 3 wheels to choose from, each with different amounts and risks involved – we leave it for you to decide.

OJOplus levels

A casino that can be trusted

Why do people stick around? Because PlayOJO is a casino that can really be trusted. We treat our OJOers like our friends and our job is to be the fair and transparent ones and set the bar for the rest of the industry to hopefully follow. We have unique selling points which are making the rest of them sit up and realise that online gaming is evolving. We simply stand out from the rest. We don’t have any nasty small print that is conveniently hidden away and we say it like it like it is, no funny business! We are known wide and far as the “fair casino” and it’s even our strapline on our logo – you can’t get a more solid guarantee than that!

Rewards, rewards, rewards!

We seem to know just how to keep our players happy because they keep coming back! We have grown incredibly in the last year or so and as well as our unique attractive features, we know that our reward system also has something to do with it! To start with, we reward every new player with up to 50 Free Spins on their 1st deposit and any wins are of course paid in cash. PlayOJO treats its players to Kickers (OJO’s name for rewards) on a daily basis and they can be found in each players very own personalised Kickers section. Let’s just say that accounts get boosted round the clock when OJO’s Kickers come into play. Plus, it’s always so much fun getting there!

The best games in the business

OJO has over 1,000 games from the top gaming operators in the business. Yes, we only have the very best of what the industry has to offer, our providers including the likes of IGT, NetEnt, PlayNGo, Microgaming and NYX, to name but a few. We have it all, including an awesome Live Casino lounge, a great choice of table games and a poker game for all. Our selection of slots is on another level and we are introducing new games all the time, many with big Progressive Jackpots.

Another very popular OJO feature that draws in the masses is the Reel Spinoffs which come with incredible prizes. Our players always know that there will be awesome stuff up for grabs when they visit the spinoffs. Some incredible stuff has already been won, including VIP boxing and tennis packages, backstage music festival tickets and loads and loads of cash prizes.

Reel Spinoffs

A safe and easy place to play

24/7 support

You can’t expect the industry to take you seriously if you don’t take responsible gaming, safety and security seriously yourselves. First of all, PlayOJO is regulated by the highest standard of casino licenses, including the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). As a UK regulated casino, OJO abides by all laws and regulations. This means that players know they will be getting a trusted and fair gaming experience. We also use the highest security technology that happens to be used by the best credit and debit card companies out there.  We’re as safe as they come. We also aim to process withdrawal requests in a few hours but we give it up to 24-hours max, just to be sure. Friendliness always pays off and that certainly goes for our amazing 24/7 Support Team who are there to make things run as smoothly as humanly possible for our OJOers. – just treat them like you would your pals.

So there you have it! Not just any old online casino can become an industry recognised operator in less than 2 years, and even fewer with an EGR Award under their belt. OJO is going places and we want you all along with us for the ride! Because let’s face it… there’s nothing quite like the moment when you find your OJO. Are you ready to find yours?


Aviva is the Content Manager at PlayOJO and writes blogs, copy and all things OJOey. A copy/content marketer for over 7 years, she gets her creative juices flowing by singing, dancing (around her living room), and belly laughing regularly.

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