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Bingo Blast

Become a master Blaster with OJO's 60-second bingo game

Want a taste of where bingo’s headed in the 21st century? Make Bingo Blast your launch pad to a ballsy new bingoverse!

Bingo Blast is a turbo take on the UK’s best-loved ball game that puts you on the edge of your seat from the off. Try this truly tantalising type of bingo on your mobile phone and win a prize in less than 60 seconds!

What is Bingo Blast?

Bingo Blast is a speedy version of classic 90 ball bingo where you fast-forward through the early stages to reach the business end of a bingo game in seconds.

In a game of Bingo Blast, more than half of the balls are called immediately across 2 ‘blasts’. With your card well & truly dabbed, get ready for the final dash to complete the prize pattern. ALthough games usually last less than 60 seconds, some winners can sometimes be crowned in just 30 seconds!

Bingo Blast is exclusive to Pragmatic Play and has its own dedicated online bingo room here at PlayOJO. Open for 2 superfly sessions every day, Bingo Blast is perfect playtime for busy bingo bees.

What makes it special?

Raw speed is the jet fuel that powers Bingo Blast but it’s also got the looks and gameplay to match.

Blasting roughly 30 balls at once – and then doing it again immediately, just for kicks – helps make Bingo Blast up to 4 times faster than other 90 ball games. As if starting games already-half-dabbed wasn’t enough, the remaining balls come out much faster too. More speed means more games per hour and more winners.

And what about the graphics? It’s bingo Jim, but not as we know it! Forget traditional ball history grids and the steady march towards your Full House. In Bingo Blast you immerse yourself in full-screen action with balls flying, tickets hurtling from 3TG to 1TG, none of which you’ll have seen before. Strap yourself in!

How it works

You can start your day the Bingo Blast Way with games running from 7am-9am and another session from 5pm-10pm.

Games start every 2 minutes which means there are over 140 games a day to choose from. If you’re online outside of the opening hours, worry not. You can pre-buy tickets for all upcoming games.

Buying tickets

As Bingo Blast games are gone in 60 seconds, we keep the entry cost low so you don’t spend more than you would in any of our other 90 ball bingo rooms.

With usually costing either 2p or 5, they’re among our most affordable bingo. Maximum ticket limits are lower than other rooms too, ensuring that everyone has a great chance to win.

To buy tickets for the next Bingo Blast game, choose a single ticket, a quick-buy bundle, slide the slider or type in your preferred amount.

First & second blasts

Once you’ve bought in, you’re seconds away from the first blast. A random number of balls will appear on screen, usually featuring between 20 and 40 balls. Any balls that match numbers on your tickets will be shown in orange, and any you don’t use will be shown in blue.

OJO will auto-dab your tickets, give you a quick squiz between blasts to see how your tickets are getting on, and then take you back to the action. The second blast unleashes another series of balls which should get to you 3TG or very close!

After the second blast, the game progresses as normal with 1 ball per call, although they come thick and fast with 1 ball every second or less.

Race to the prizes

Most Bingo Blast games have a single prize on offer. Check out the game info to see what pattern is needed to win. After the second blast, we’ll show you how many tickets have 3TG, 2TG and 1TG at the bottom of the screen. If OJO’s fickle finger of fate points to you, your name will be revealed inside a giant ball, along with details of the cash prize you’ve won. Congrats! *double fist pump*

Ready to play? Blast off to our bingo lobby and buy your tickets for the next game!